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Chicago Booth Summer Business Scholars Program
  1. At this time in your life, please describe your current short term and long term educational and career goals.

When selecting a profession, I have constantly been advised to understand what I am fond of doing and then make a profession out of it. One year ago, while acting as the vice-president for the MSU Accounting Club for Asian, at Michigan State University I was equipped with slight values and began looking to my temporary and permanent objectives for my profession. Before enrolling in Eli Broad College of Business, I realized that my interests lay in the commerce industry. The courses in partook in commerce were the ones I constantly anticipated. When I was promoted from a Tax Consultant to the vice president of the MSU Accounting Club for Asian, I was interviewed by several organizations and given some desirable positions within the associations. I missed several offers until I decided to work with The Betty Brigade, as a Maintenance manager.

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The Chicago Booth Summer Business Scholars Programhas been established to define the input analysts of the University of Chicago booth school of business to develop a concrete base for joint effort, methodical and issue resolutions working expertise. The Chicago Booth Summer Business Scholars Programworks in groups that presently have four associates. The accomplishments made by the group depend on the special level of teamwork that includes organization, and precise finishing of numerous requests with short turnaround times. The Chicago Booth Summer Business Scholars Programwill assist in the accomplishment of my commerce career through the collection and surveying of data from consumers, markets and the sustenance of data panels. These approaches and strategies will reinforce my own groundwork of knowledge that is to be employed as a resource for achieving my career

  1. If the Admissions Committee were to interview one of your closest colleagues, classmates or professors, what aspect of your personality would this person say is especially important for the Admissions Committee to know?

An interview with the admissions committee would be another field that would allow me to become prominent. To impress the admissions committee, my closest colleague would have to speak of my enthusiasm and active personality. It is also very important for my colleague to talk about my methodical and wise expressions that I regularly make concerning commerce and general issues that affect the entire community. I have several projects on human resource management while organizing community service operations like the Annual Broad 5K Walk and “Project Green.” I have also made several presentations during conferences such as the Asian American Undergraduate Business Conference held in September last year.

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The admissions committee embraces genuine interests in projects that I would be making or have made in the past. My closest colleagues are aware of my projects, as I have shared my ideas with them. Sales and marketing is a very crucial unit in an organization. I had specialized in networking while standing as the Student Senate at Eli Broad College of Business between September 2009 and December 2010. My colleagues were aware of the marketing trend I was taking while holding up my position. They were able to witness my sales skills and found it crucial for the business profession I wanted to pursue. Therefore, my closest colleagues would be genuine and promoting my chances of pursuing a career in commerce if they mentioned my networking efforts and expertise, able to assist me get a position in a corporate association.

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