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Business, Political Process and Democraty

Huge business corporations at present are viewed as primary sources of social economic freedom among many countries today. It could not be denied that the power brought to them by the market share that they receive from the society as well creates a fine depiction on media is used as one of the most implicative source of information that affects the entire human community that it aims to influence.

The process by which huge organizations take consideration on the benefits that they could get from media services is indeed one of the most important features that the movie clip The Issue of Free Speech: The Voice of Big Money shows to its audiences. How are huge organizations using this particular medium and how does it affect the power that they have in the society today? This query shall be discussed in the review of the movie that follows herein.

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The movie particularly portrays the experience of one Cindy Watson who is a republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly who was moved to take on a Hog company when she heard different complaints on the operations of the said business organization. Even though the aim of Watson was rather directed towards better social health, the realization of this fact has not been accepted completely by the whole society, instead they reacted deviously that they aimed to make the reelection of Watson in position would be much impossible to happen. Believably, through affecting the entire community with the use of media, the aim of the Hog company owners had been successfully pursued. Watsons failed her campaign and was not allowed to regain her position for the following years after her campaign.

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This was not the first and the last time that media has been utilized as a strong influential approach that creates a great effect to those in the society for the greater powered groups such as the huge business corporations in the market today to control the thoughts, perspectives and decisions of the entire human population within the society of their own reach.

The Cases of Influence

1) Hog industry: the hog industry was rather able to retaliate to the situation that has been caused to them by Walter’s movement to close down the business. Through the media operations paid by the hog company affected by Walter, her position has never been regained during her campaign.

2) Tobacco bill: Even though health was at stake, the huge payment that the tobacco companies pay media today makes it possible for the said organizations to market their products to the public and still get the target market’s attention as they are given the choice to appreciate and consume the product offered to them by tobacco companies.

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3) Telecommunication act: the act towards free speech has apparently created choices and limitations on choosing their speech for the clients wanting to use media as an information tool to influence the society. Through this act, the use of strategic speech is considered as one of the most important factors given attention to by many important elements and powerful individuals in the society today.

What the Movie Portrays Regarding the Present Day Role of Media

Politicians and business entrepreneurs are considered to be today’s most powerful individuals. Their capability of affecting the things that people regularly do is rather immeasurable. Certainly, as powerful as they are, these elements in the society need something that would enable them to profess their ideas and thoughts towards the people. And as of media’s concerns, that particular “something” is called the power of speech. However, with the interests of the huge companies and politicians in concern, the media gained much improvement in also going for the values that they want to receive from the services that they are giving the said elements in the society. One of the particular matters to consider is that the value of speech has been priced lucratively that only those who have the monetary capability to take into consideration that said speech services. As a result, only those who are powerful and wealthy enough to make their speech count for the community through media are the only ones who are able to directly affect the entire human society.

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The truth behind free speech apparently costs monetary exchange values. This is the particular thought that the movie directed by Bill Moyers likely aim to portray. True, with the strong implication that the media has on millions of viewers and readers around the world, the monetary payment that the politicians and huge corporations that want to affect the entire society today is considered to be a worthy exchange for the power of speech that media gives to those who are able to take a careful appreciation of the said service towards social influence. With this particular understanding given light, the decision to accept the influences offered by media remains on the listeners, the audience who are likely the primary audience targeted by media and the different elemental factors that are ready to appreciate and take into consideration the chance of speech that media offers to those who could afford it.

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Yes, the current society uses media as an effective medium of expression. This is the reason why constant consideration on how the information released through the said medium should be treated and accepted with careful examination on the part of the audience. It should be kept in mind that with the availability of speech only to those who are capable of paying for the said service, information given way through media should certainly be subjected to careful examination before it is actually believed by the listeners.

Being easily taken by what the media portrays is of course one of the most influential dilemmas that the human society today needs to consider understanding. The belief on every single detail that is published through media could actually make a huge change in the society hence must be treated considerably with caution and careful understanding. This is the primary lesson given careful attention through the movie of Moyer, a matter of great concern for the human society at present.

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