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Investigative Business Journalism

In my own opinion, her work is objective. She brings out the core of the story which is enlightening the reader of the social ills o exposing the unethical malpractices by various state organs and individual enterprises. Her work airs out the depth or gravity of the situation on the ground. She does this with much clarity and together with the balance of objectivity. Tarbell Piece has mastered the story, she has her facts right giving the reader to make an informed decision and keeping the government at bay to ensure transparency and accountability is adhered to. In short, Tarbell Piece did not fall short of the standards set on investigative business journalism.

The role of any media is to uphold truth, equity, justice and democracy. The media in Algeria is no different from any other. It aims at educating the citizens on matters of governance, equitable distribution of resources and to fast-track democracy. The media in Algeria like other media in various countries in Africa has been subjected to considerable amounts of control by the state or the government. The country laws states that unequivocally that any violation of any government official space might see a journalist behind bars for a long time. Algeria government has stringent legislation and measures to gag the media. The print media in Algeria is more active than the electronic media. The country readership is considerably low, making the appetite low. Its only in the recent years, the press freedom has seen remarkable improvement but still under the watchful eyes of the ruling elite. The elite control the wealth of the country and would do their level best to eliminate any would-be enemy of the state; investigative journalists.

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The information sources in such countries are protected at all cost. Failure to do so will see execution and thus extinguish such forces opposing the government or threatening status quo. Most of the print press in Algeria provides censorship on any content delivered out to the public to prevent the identities and thus counter execution by the government or the elite.

Investigative business journalism keeps the government on check to ensure they are held accountable. It makes the government to enhance governance, respect to human rights and citizen rights. No government wants its social ill exposed as it will damage its relations with other countries and thus jeopardize diplomatic relations, image crisis on investors who might contribute to their economy through foreign direct investments.

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Investigative business journalism ensures all the players on the various sectors of the economy uphold the rule of law and the constitution. It exposes the social erosion in the marketplace with a view of eliminating the vices and making sure no individual or company is untouchable before the law. It encourages a free and fair society for which all business practices and ethics are followed. It has influenced key decision making processes for both the corporate and the government alike.

In Algeria, investigative business journalism has fought and still fights for equitable distribution of wealth from its vast oil reserves and promote democracy. The country’s press freedom is still controlled by the government. However, investigative journalism continues to put the government on spot but they do so with utmost censorship as many of who have gone contrary to the government’s directive have been executed. Over all, the print media still under strict regulations from the government and hence they cannot carry out their work effectively, this tend to keep the journalists in check and thus a major stumbling block to press freedom.

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