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Macdonald’s and Five Guys

Macdonald’s and Five Guys are both restaurants that mostly specialize in fast foods. Macdonald’s is a household name of the first fast food industry. The restaurant chain began its operations in mid 20th century with its first restaurant in San Bernardino in California. Five Guys restaurant, on the other hand, is a recently established brand in fast food industry. The restaurant was launched in 1986 in Lorton Virginia. Just like its competitor MacDonald’s, Five Guys restaurant has branches in various parts of the United States. Since both restaurants deal with similar products, competition is very stiff. Both restaurants have adopted different marketing approaches to gain market dominance.

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Five Guys restaurant has a unique marketing strategy, which gives customers the privilege to order and enjoy a customized meal. Unlike the giant MacDonald’s, Five Guys focuses on in-house brands. The restaurant’s menu is centered on locally prepared hamburger, French fries, hot and soft drinks. These products are served according to the customer’s unique specifications. Five Guys endeavors to address customers’ personal needs in their menu. The restaurant applies a know, like and trust policy. This kind of relationship is crucial for a business because when a customer understands the business, most people prefer buying where they know more.

Macdonald’s restaurant mostly sells branded products. Since the restaurant enjoys a huge customer base, their sales service is generalized. Their products are served in general standards. Unlike Five Guys restaurant, MacDonald’s’ restaurant builds customer relationship through handing out business cards and flyers. These are strategically placed on tables or handed to customers when living the restaurant. The cards also contain the restaurant’s important details and locations of other with the aim of retaining the customer or directing them to other locations in other regions.

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