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Harley Owners Group

HOG is a very popular brand the world over. The word HOG is an abbreviation. It stands for Harley Owners Group (Scarborough, 2003). It is a renowned brand characterized by a loyal customer pool (Fisk, 2009). It specializes in motorcycle sales. Almost every rider in the world would be proud to be associated with this brand. Once a customer buys a HOG cycle, chances are that he or she will return for another purchase (Fisk, 2009). Such is the strength of the loyalty of the HOG customers.

The loyalty exhibited by these customers continues to baffle even marketing experts (Scarborough, 2003). It stems from the passion that customers have in the company’s products. The loyalty is evident from the huge customer. Its customers traverse across all the continents (Scarborough, 2003). They also vary in class. It is not hard to find HOG customers in the social classes. The customers also cut across the economic sphere (Scarborough, 2003). These customers continue to come back for more purchases. This happens irrespective of their class or standing in society.

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The experience of being a HOG consumer drives this almost crazy loyalty (Scarborough, 2003). Consumers feel proud to be associated with everything that has the HOG label (Scarborough, 2003). This in turn, boosts the company’s customer base. The behavior of the ardent customers leads to the not so loyal customers developing a growing loyalty in the products (Fisk, 2009). Behaviors such as repeat purchases explain this loyalty. In addition, most customers adorn wear carrying the company logo. Some go to the large extent of tattooing their bodies with HOG logos.

In recognition of this loyalty, the company has come up with various incentives to further its brand loyalty. As a part of loyalty enhancement, HOG sponsors several riding competitions around the world (Fisk, 2009). This helps bring HOG customers together as well as riding enthusiasts. This ends up strengthening the loyalty and improving its market. The company also produces promotional items such as clothing for its customers (Scarborough, 2003). These are used as loyalty rewards. These rewards are redeemed according to the customers’ loyalty. Every loyal HOG customer is proud of it, and many a times will be seen adorning wear bearing HOG logos (Fisk, 2009).

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