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My Own Business

I am starting up my own golf store. The reasons that I choose this business are because I am interested in golf and have been playing this game for more than a decade. Furthermore, since I just retire from employment without any other jobs, I now decide to start my own business, to earn money, and to spend my free time more productively.

I will bring to this business a variety of skills and knowledge. For example, I enjoy an outdoor life and like to associate with people. I am naturally drawn to all kinds of sports and games. I am a good golfer and have more than 10 years of playing golf, including participation in state’s golf tournaments. I know all the tools, equipment, and accessories related to golf. I am also an avid reader. I have read many books, magazines, articles, news, etc., pertaining to golf. I have many friends who are golfers and who could be the customers of my golf store.

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The market is lucrative as evidenced by more and more people, young and old of both genders, playing golf. I will bring to this business a variety of job experiences, such as the experience of working as a store manager in a big supermarket store where I am responsible for the purchasing, inventory keeping, distributing, packing, shipping, and scraping of goods for the entire supermarket. Prior to this position held, I had been working for a large corporation for 5 years as a sales/marketing manager selling items concerning sports, such as shoes, shirts, trousers, rackets, etc. Incidentally, I also know many things about golf accessories while working for this company. In this company, there are more accessories of golf sold than accessories of other sports.

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Even though it is my own business, the golf store business will be a partnership company. I choose this form because I am essentially a partnership-driven individual. I know that two or more brains are better than one. Two or more people equally sharing problems, especially problems related to financial issues, are better than one person handling them. Because the golf store is not a big one, partnership form would work best in this business.

My partners chosen to join me in this golf business, however, would ideally have some of the skills and knowledge as depicted above. I am an open-minded, sociable, tolerant, and optimistic individual. Most importantly, my partners need to have most, if not all, of the characteristics similar to mine. I sincerely believe that when all partners in a company could consistently display honesty, dedication, loyalty, and other righteous conducts and behaviors, God will surely lend a helping hand to turn this business into a very successful enterprise.

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