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Noah’s Arf

Noah’s Arf is just a new business that is operating in the huge world of international and local trading industries. But then again starting business is not as easy as the alphabet. There are different ways and factors that should be considered in order to maintain the necessary success that is needed to keep the business going. Before a certain business would focus on the process of counting its blessings or profitability, it is important to consider first the budget in starting up a business. In the case of Noah’s Arf, it cannot be denied that having a total funding of $170,000 is not a bad budget at all. However, since the business of operating a veterinary shop entails more than getting the supplies but extend to the everyday expenses and advertisement in order to succeed it will be helpful if more budgets will be produced. It is one of the business principles that as a start-up business, it must not be confided to what it has already but must have extra money to spend in such a case that the business will not attain sales for a few months since it started.

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            Business expenditures are important to be addressed because of the fact that without money the business will not go anywhere. Advertisement and other expenses that will be incurred in such a time that the customers are not yet coming in must be allotted with right amount of budget. No one knows when will the customers start coming in and during those times that there are no customers yet, the business, although will take precautionary measures of balancing the costs must be able to still provide for emergency needs. It will really take time before a certain business will be able to recover all the expenditures it has and will simply use the profit and the earnings it will enjoy in the succeeding months (Kotler, 55).

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Educational Background

            In terms of running the business, it cannot be denied that the work experiences the owner of the business has experienced in the business industry enabled to positively qualify for the business. Meaning to say, the company owner has gathered all the necessary experience needed to run the business. It does not need for the owner to undergo veterinary education because the main focus is to ensure that the business will run well. On the other hand, it will be much appropriate to take some education pertaining on the nature of the business because of the fact that it will help the owner to fully understand all the concepts of the business. However, being a pet owner, the company owner has certain knowledge on the proper way to care for the animals.

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            The staffing plan includes a manager, 2 receptionists, 1 pet groomer, 1 behavioral trainer and 4 playground supervisors. It must be noted that for a start-up business, the staffing plan is already considered good. This is because of the fact that even if the business is operational 24 hours a day, the staffs can accommodate all the customers that will come in. The rotation can be made since there are sufficient numbers of staffs. However, in the long run, the company might need to increase the number of staff (Kerin, 142).

Marketing Strategy

            Noah’s Arf has only one purpose and that is to satisfy its clientele. Hence, they are giving the best service to the customer which is a good strategy. However, the usage of distribution of calling cards and brochures will likewise increase the potential of reaching the targeted audience. Most customers today in a globalized world can be reached via the Internet. The establishment of a website and mass e-mailing is likewise good in promoting the business as it can reach even the farthest location and will increase exposure (Perreault, 112).

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