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Old Spice Commercial Advertisement

This advertisement is a message on Old Spice products. Old Spice is a brand which produces glooming wares both for males and females that include antiperspirants, deodorant body wash, shower gel and hair and body wash (Grant, 2010). The advertisement designer used both audio and visual aids to convey the message to the audience. Motion is one of the styles representing power. The features of this commercial, both audio and visual, are represented in such a manner that the general underlying reason for its formulation is understood at first glance. A brand labeled buoy-shaped cologne at the front ground provides name for one of the products of the brand being advertised. The large, colorful font letters provide the message which states - “smell is power”. The main message of this advertisement to customers or interested parties of Old Spice products is that the products have rich, powerful smell that satisfies their preference. The brand’s name, Old Spice, assures the market that their wares maintain the natural smell i.e. like that of spices. The products’ suitability to both men and women is demonstrated by the presence of both genders in the audio message. The dominance of the male in the visual advertisement of the product is an indicative fact that the product’s use is more edged towards men; thus, the designer could be targeting male dominated audience.

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The advertisement is an appealing work of a qualified designer who has the intention to attract a wider audience through the use of a fancy display of pictorial images and a terrifying background of an exploding message “smell is power”. The background first appears to be shaken by some form of a force and then explodes. The procession at the background denotes power in action where the writings disappear and reemerge accompanied by a smoky appearance. The advertisement’s colorful display attracts the attention of audience from both genders and representatives of all age groups. The presence of a masculine man with a hoarse voice represents strength and power and this corresponds to the emblem of the Old Spices’ selling strategy. The products offered have various scents, which are associated with power to attract the customers’ attention. The advertisement creates an impression that the scent emitted when the lotion or any other product is applied to the body is rather strong. A man’s head all round the image frame with facial features indicating the exhuming of power, conveys the advertisement’s message. A man from inside, showing the effect of the internal contents of the product when the bottle is uncorked, forcefully opens the cologne bottle. For instance, it releases powerful scent when the lid is removed.

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The designer seems to exaggerate the message in some instances. This technique is often aimed at creating curiosity among the audience, making them buy the product to satisfy their curiosity. The Bear deodorant brand presents a vivid imagination, to the target audience, of a product that is strong enough to clean the shaggy coat of a bear, and transform it into a neat looking animal. The fierceness brought forth as the bear images appear seems to be tamed by the powerful smell to a point of submission to glooming by the brand products. This serves to suggest that the product can provide the most superior service that the competitors may not afford to provide.

The entire company brand is represented on the advertisement page. Some of these brands are labeled enticingly, for example, “smell better than yourself” to stress the power of the smell emitted by the products once applied on the body. The image of the man in a towel indicates that the product is used for body washes and sprays. In the visual message, the room that the woman appears in looks neat and colorful emphasizing the cleaning prowess of the brand products. In fact, she is holding a basket containing clothes set for laundry. The intrusion of a masculine man in a steamboat happens abruptly, with an indication that the act is power oriented. The steamboat signifies a nautical theme that the product was marketed on during its inception into the market; sailing boats were used as the trademark (Barol, 2010). The dialogue between the woman and the man is normally centered on smell of the oil spice products. The entire body features of the man indicate strength, although all the power in him seems to be overcome by the powerful smell of the deodorant bottle when he touches it, throwing him up through the ceiling. The scene created in the conversation room gives the audience a clue on the different uses of the products. For example, the basket containing clothes being carried by a woman to a laundry machine in the background shows that laundry is one of the uses of the product. The violent entry of the man in a steamboat grasps the attention of the audience that was obviously preoccupied with the gentle soliloquy of the woman. The audio transmission device is an old model of a TV-set, just like the name Old Spice. This creates a sense of originality that the brand could be using as a selling point.

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The advertisement is selling on the idea that one feels powerful when he smells nice, and the product being advertised keeps one smelling nice. It even implies that using the product can cause one to show up in unexpected manners, because of the power of the fragrance, as depicted by the man’s entry into the room in a steamboat. The designer has applied both audio and visual advertisement technique to ensure that all forms of clientele, whether deaf or blind can receive the message. The advertisement lacks any form of indecency implying that it is fit for any scene or place.

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