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This paper aims to investigate the online organization of The Prince Charles Cinema and methods due to which this structure can be improved so as to increase the profit margin. The paper researches the current structure that has been put in place and a detailed analysis aims to provide new ways in which this structure can be improved using proper management of elements such as the organization of the website. The case study presented also analyses parts of the organization that can be modified in a way that ensures that the business runs in a smooth and non-obtrusive manner even when the recommended changes have been put into action. This is especially essential as the Cinema is an everyday operation and a disrupting business. Bringing about the changes needed may lead to huge losses and an insufficient control. The paper also aims to highlight areas that may not be necessary or which expenditures can be reduced without affecting the quality of services offered.

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The Prince Charles Cinema has been one of the leading businesses in the film distribution industry proving to draw large numbers of customers on a daily basis. One of the essential areas of this business has been the emergence of its website online giving people more access to any of the information concerning the cinema that may be required by members of the public. The website has proven to be a valuable tool not only in the provision of information but also in the gathering of new customers as well as increasing brand loyalty. However, it is essential to maintain a fluid structure of this online development so as to enhance the access to the public and increase profitability in the process. To do this one has to study the organization of the website and its functions so as to determine which aspects may be improved in order to increase their efficiency.

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Background of the Case Study

The Internet has proven to be a widely used tool by individuals all over the world and thus can be considered as one of the major means that a business can use to gain a competitive advantage. The use of the World Wide Web allows businesses to spread their information among the public without necessarily expanding their operations to access different regions physically (Lawrence, 2010).

The Cinema business has been one of the most lucrative ventures that are available in the entertainment industry today as many people turn to this source for relaxation during their free time. Due to this, the emergence of Cinemas has been on the rise and competition has become an increased aspect of this business.

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The Prince Charles Cinema has developed a website that allows individuals to access information on the basic issues that an individual may require such as film schedules and movies available. The website also enables the business to gain a sense of the size of their consumer base due to the various social networking applications that have been put in place.

The amount of activity present in these applications allows one to gain a sense of the number of people that are currently interested in the services that are being offered by the business.


Improving the organization of the online structure that is currently being used by The Prince Charles Cinema allows the business to find new ways of flourishing in a business sector that is quickly becoming packed. The strides that have been made by technology over the years increase a large number of people who are using the Internet as their primary source of information in any subject. An efficient organization of the website brings a number of advantages with it that a business is able to profit from (Kotter & Cohen, 2002).

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Some of these advantages can include:

Increased Outreach

A good website is able to reach the maximum number of people, wherever they may be without putting too many efforts. In order for this to happen, one must first determine the expected estimated population that one plans to reach. This is essential so as to procure the appropriate server for the intended number. An unreliable server may take time to process commands or even crash when a large number of people visit it at the same time.

A fast website attracts more people to the Cinema’s website increasing a level of outreach in the process. An increased outreach increases a number of potential customers leading to the prospect of an improved profitability (Kotter & Cohen, 2002).

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There are a number of financial aspects that result from a good organization of the business website. The first and major one is an additional source of revenue from the online stores that is present at these websites. A good online store requires efficient organization of the website’s structure allowing individuals to purchase the goods and services offered with ease. A complicated system may lead to a number of people shying away from the process due to a number of reasons e.g. taking too much time, not being fully reliable which in its turn minimises the potential profit that is stood to be gained from these stores. Other financial aspects may be less direct such as the attraction of new customers to the Cinema that have been introduced to it via the website. Though this may not always be calculated easily, the popularity of the Internet means that it has become a major source of advertising and is partly responsible for the attraction of new customers (Glyn, 2002).

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These financial aspects ensure the profitability of the Prince Charles Cinema in the process and its survival in the market.

Interaction with the Customers

A well-organized website will lead to a better interaction between the business and its customers. The customers are the spine of any business and it is essential that a reliable contact is maintained with them so as to ensure their satisfaction (Lawrence, 2010).

Without these means of interaction, the Prince Charles Cinema will not be able to easily determine the attitude of the public towards the services and goods that are offered by them. There are other means of maintaining this interaction due to suggestion boxes, for example. However, the Internet provides a faster way of maintaining this interaction without having to make a large effort in the process which may prove to be costly as well (Glyn, 2002). Suggestion boxes can be replaced with comments that can be posted on the website and collected by a technical staff on a daily basis without having to collect and empty them out manually. The website also allows a broader base of interaction as one is able to collect views on multiple topics at a time, especially during a market research and other instances when information may need to be collected quickly.

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Conclusion and Key Recommendations

There are a number of recommendations that can be put forward in order to improve the organization of the Prince Charles Cinema website. Some of these recommendations include:

The order of the different sections of the website should be clearly organized so as to make it easier for an individual to navigate from one place to another. The set up of the website should allow a browser to find the particular thing they are looking for easily, and even first-timers should not have much problem using it. One way of ensuring this is by providing a “search” section allowing individuals to query what they need directly.

The overall view of the website should be attractive to an eye as well. Though the aesthetic quality may not be considered to be a major factor in the services offered by the Prince Charles Cinema, it is still an important attribute in the final design of the website since the more attractive the appearance is, the more likely an individual is to stay at the website for a longer time. This can be ensured by using a mixture of bright and dark colours to catch the eye as well as the addition of visual effects that breaks the monotony of words (Lawrence, 2010).

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The sections should also be available in an organized manner that allows one to clearly tell the difference between one section of the website and another. The sections should not be jumbled up and the website’s menu should be available preferably on every page for easier navigation.

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