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Group-Level of Analysis. Case Study Analysis: PetGourmand

Beyond Limits Consulting Agency (BLCA) specializes in aiding organizations transformation as they strive to enhance their market objectives. BLCA takes the time to understand organization's internal culture and behavior so that it tailors solutions addressing specific shortcomings. Therefore, BLCA identifies weaknesses in an organization and designs strategic plans to address the cause of these defects. BLCA understands and values employees’ contribution in an organization and, hence, strives towards identifying underlying issues regarding employee’s behavior and devising strategies to promote organization’s citizenship. With effective management of internal culture within an organization and solving age-diverse relations issues, trust building, team work, and enhancing communications skills in a cross-cultural setting, BLCA can succeed in its promotion of the business relationships.

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Analysis of PetGourmand

Critical Incident 1: Trust

Acquisition of PetGourmand by Bon Vivant Specialties is not warmly welcomed by PetGourmand employees since they are concerned about language differences with their new employer. Moreover, the employees are worried that the new employer will reduce the products quality and in turn damage PetGourmand’s reputation. In general, the company’s employees do not trust their new employer. When employees lack trust with their employer, it is likely to lead to decreased motivation to carry out their tasks which in turn leads to reduced productivity (Smith, Farmer, & Yellowley, 2013, p. 43). According to Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory motivation is the leading driving force towards employee’s productivity in any organization (Maslow, 2015, p. 142).

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Critical Incident 2: Age Difference

Additionally, PetGourmand’s employees are not enthusiastic about reporting to supervisors and managers who are much younger than them. Naturally, older and more experienced employees feel uncomfortable reporting to younger supervisors and administrators. Also, the cultural differences between BVS managers and PetGourmand's are also likely to cause communication setbacks. The age difference combined with the cultural differences between the employees and the managers, if not addressed, will lead to communication barriers which will adversely affect the productivity of the employees. The Reinforcement Theory suggests that, if unaddressed, behaviors are more likely to remain the way they are (Shafritz, Ott, & Jang, 2015, p. 83). Therefore, BVS need to devise proper channels to address the employees' attitude towards reporting to younger supervisors and managers.

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Critical Incident 3: Cultural Change

 PetGourmand's employees will have to go through a total cultural transformation to which they are naturally bound to offer some resistance. The employees are used to a hierarchical organization system, but the BVS management uses a flat system of organization. Additionally, PetGourmand has been using low-tech in its manufacturing process, but BVS plans to employ high technology (hardware and software) in its production operations. Therefore, PetGourmand's employees are awaiting transition into new working conditions which is not an easy transformation. If not properly conducted, the employees are prone to give in to temptations of relapsing to the old culture. Employees need to have the right attitude towards change to ensure a smooth transformation (Lam, Liang, Ashford, & Lee, 2015, p. 499).

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Critical Incident 4: Leadership

PetGourmand employees are concerned about the leadership capability of the BVS management. The workers feel that there will be less face to face interactions between them and the management. Additionally, the employees are afraid that the language difference between them and the management will lead to decreased effectiveness of the communication with the management. According to the organizations Behavior Modification theory, change in culture within an organization causes employees to respond in different ways. The wrong attitude towards the leaders in this company will lead to decreased performance of the staff (Shafritz, Ott, & Jang, 2015, p. 83). Therefore, BVS should work towards ensuring that the employees are comfortable about reporting to younger supervisors and managers.

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Recommendation 1: Team Building

Regarding communication problems arising from age and cultural difference, it is recommendable that BVS subjects all its employees to team building activities. Team building enhances the interpersonal relationship between the employees (Pinder, 2014, p. 42). An effective team building will aid in ensuring a smooth interaction between the older PetGourmand's employees and the new task force that will be introduced by BVS. Additionally, team building is imperative in boosting employees' spirit regarding their day to day activities. It is important that the BVS management accepts the fact that the process will need time to develop and, hence, subjects the employees through multiple series of team building activities (King, & Lawley, 2013, p. 211). 

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Recommendation 2: Trust Building

To address the issue of low trust levels of the PetGourmand's employees with their new management, BVS needs to motivate the employees and reassure the workers that they also strive towards promoting quality products (Lam, Liang, Ashford, & Lee, 2015, p. 499). BVS management needs to support a two-way communication platform where employees are encouraged to raise their concerns and receive timely feedback to facilitate this trust-building activity. Additionally, BVS should ensure the employees that they are not only concerned with making big profit margins, but they are also client focused and, hence, will strive towards producing high-quality products and maintaining a good reputation (Wilson, 2013, p. 111). Also, by building teams that incorporate the old workforce and the newly introduced workers, BVS will enhance the employee's ability to relate mutually, thus, building trust.

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Recommendation 3: Organization Citizenship

Change of culture within an organization is never an easy task for employees who are used to a particular way of carrying out their day to day activities in the organization. Therefore, BVS needs to prepare its employees to adequately accept the change process. BVS management needs to communicate with the workers, giving reasons for the necessity of change in culture and why it is important to facilitate the effective transition of change (Miner, 2015, p. 147).  As a result, employees will feel the need to be part of the transformation and hence lead to a smooth cultural change process. Additionally, when workers own the change process, it is more likely that they will feel the urge to slide back to the old way of doing things as they carry out their duties.

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Recommendation 4: Effective Communication and Motivation

Regarding the issue of the age difference between the employees and the new supervisors, BVS needs to promote a culture that encourages effectiveness. Therefore, BVS should invest in motivating the employees to work collaboratively regardless of the age difference. As a result, this will help the workers to gain the right attitude towards the new management. The company should also promote group cohesiveness and openness so that the employees and the management feel like they are part of a team whose focus aims towards achieving a common goal (Miner, 2015, p. 152).  Also, this helps in eliminating complications brought about by cultural differences since employees concentrate on carrying out their jobs efficiently, and that everyone knows their role and respects their counterparts regardless of their age or language difference.












Change in culture is not an easy task in any organization. However, with the right strategy and dedication towards ensuring a smooth transformation it is simpler to facilitate and maintain the required change. Therefore, BVS should consider adopting the suggested recommendations to make sure that the PetGourmand's employees smoothly integrate into the new culture. Even though it is clear that the new management is concerned with enhancing productivity while investing in employee growth and development, the old staff needs motivation and reassurance. A happy task force with the right attitude is more productive than an uncontended workforce. With increased trust the workers will remain more committed to carrying out their duties and, hence, promoting increased productivity.

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