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Talented and Gifted

Talent is God’s gift some children are greatly gifted by God as talented and intelligent. Learning is a development that comes from exercise and effort. Through learning children acquire competence in using their hereditary resources. Learning is a change in behavior in a specific situation due to experience in that situation. Children’s behavior in specific situation can change if they become tired or frustrated. Changes involve learning, only if they are the result of children experience, rather than the other causes. Children learn not to repeat mistakes that are punished and repeat the actions that are rewarded. The principle of learning that explains these effects was stated most precisely by B.F.Skinner. He defined behaviors that are emitted spontaneously by an organism as “operant”. He chose this term because these behaviors show how the organism “operates” on the environment. He proposed that the operants are controlled by their consequences. Operants that are rewarded or followed by reinforcement are strengthened and become more likely in the future. Operant that are followed by punishment are weakened and become less likely.

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On the subject of nature versus nurture, Bandura admitted that genetics plays a role in children’s development, but they are less interested in defining this role than in exploring the effects of children’s environments. Finally, learning theorists recognize that children’s development differs greatly across cultures. However, they argue that these variations can be explained by difference in children’s environments. These theorists assume that the same principles of learning apply in all cultures. At the most important level, then, they argue not for cultural specificity but for developmental universals.

Gifted Students & Frustration:

Many talented students are not very comfortable in the gathering or community to exchange views and explain perceptions. They often fell in frustration and are very unconfident to communicate and demonstrate. But these students have some out of the world competency to work and produce quality. They are not active players of the society and have some interpersonal communication disorder, because of this flaw these children do not demonstrate their abilities properly and face much criticism on their self and due to their less confidence level on their work.

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The Psychotherapy and Counseling:

The students with less confidence and frustration need guidance and counseling of behavior and presentation/communication skills. Psychotherapy and counseling can make it easy to give confidence to a talented student, so that he can confidently expose his work and skills. In advance countries where education is very common and the literacy rate is very high a proper psychotherapy and counseling centers are available to resolve the problem of talented but frustrated children.


The intelligent and God gifted students are assets of the nation, so these intellects should be tackle properly to get proper return from them for the society betterment. An appropriate system of counseling should adapt to manage the talent; this counseling system should start from family to school teachers and affiliates. This system can intact the talent.

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