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George Orwell: Writing and Reputation

This is the finalizing feature of the writing. Considerably, through this phase, the entire paper shall be given a summarized presentation so as to sum up what has been particularly discussed within the entire context of the paper herein.

Annotated Bibliography

Brodeur, Kathy. George Orwell's 1984 (Max Notes). Research & Education Association. 1995. From the different researchers that the author of this book has pursued with regards the different readings on George Orwell’s creation, this book gives a clear overview on the basic styles of writing of the said author giving a chance for the analysis of the story 1984 take further steps forward.

Orwell, George. George Orwell 1984 Signet Classic. Signet Publishing Company. 1991. This reading has been created by the author himself and is noted to be one among the most important readings that bring about the gist of the understanding that every reader must be able to decipher from the written creations of Orwell himself. In the discussion, this reading could help in making a clearer presentation as to what actually is important in the featured elements that certain stories of Orwell presents to the readers.

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Dramatic Publ. Co. 1984. George Orwell's 1984 : A Play in Three Acts Adapted by Robert Owens, etal. Considerably, this reading serves as a clear visual presentation of the writing of Orwell with regards the story 1984. Likely, the said implicative reading gives the author of this analysis a chance to find the most important features and factors that makes up the entire story of 1984 and get the gist of the entire story from the said parts of the narration.

SPARKNOTES. 1984 by George Orwell Plot Summary. (1999). this website allows the readers a chance to directly be able to connect to the writings of Orwell and find the real meanings of the elements used by the said author within the settings and the plots that created the entire narration an interesting and exquisite read.

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The Literature Network. George Orwell. This website offers an in depth analysis on the life of Orwell and an overview of his different writings including that of the novel 1984. Through this particular website, the needed understanding on how the factors of the story worked well for the message of the creations of Orwell has been trying to send to his readers, has been given careful attention.

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