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Knowledge Economy

In the past years, labor and capital were the core factors in play when it came to production. During this industrial era, human labor was not used so much and in its place were the machines which were used to create wealth. However, this has slowly been transformed as a new major asset for creating wealth has come to the surface of mankind and has been adapted by many. This asset is knowledge. In the modern computerized world, powerful computers have been linked up with intellect minds to create a system that can deal with the demand for the expanding market for goods and services. The system is the knowledge economy (World Development Report, 1999).

In the past era, only the industries with high technology were associated with knowledge economy. These were the likes of financial services and telecommunications. However, the knowledge economy is slowly taking over the world in the business industry. The biggest advantage of knowledge economy is the fact that it does not deteriorate in value when it is used. As a matter of fact, its value becomes much better when passed from one party to another. This knowledge economy is already accounting for the increasing numbers in employment and positive figures of the economy in many countries all over the world.

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According to Muraskin & Roberts (2009), much as many companies want to shift to the knowledge economy, several measures will have to be put in place before they can do so. The ever growing environment for the creation and professional management of knowledge comes with a wide scope of challenging policy issues. Some of these issues include the priorities when it comes to public investment, design of the programs and the privacy when it comes to controlling information and knowledge. A detailed understanding of the knowledge is required to keep in place the laws in the economy. This also plays out when it comes to the investments and institutions that solely rely on knowledge for their activities.

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Development of public policies that account for the different natures and management of knowledge have to be put in place. This will go a long way in its understanding as a strategic resource, and will enable its management by the businessmen and the knowledge professionals. The growing scope of the industries using knowledge economy and its economic importance demands for a system to be out in place that that will contribute to democracy not only in decision making, but to the scientific understanding on the future of knowledge not forgetting the policies that will help achieve that vision (Muraskin & Roberts, 2009).

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