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The Cell Phone Industry in Africa

Cell phones are immensely uplifting both economic hope and improving the living standards in Africa. They are to this extent becoming a fourth basic need of an individual. Apart from being a necessity they are the most transformative technology for development. Africa in this case consists of third world countries which are still ensnared in poverty.

Lately Africa has been a major prey for mobile phone industry. This is because of the growing need for development. Most of the people within Africa, Ghana as the case study lack cell phones. Ghana intends to attain its middle-income status by 2015. It is a major economic country in western Africa. It is a large producer of cocoa, oil and minerals. This attracts the phone industry, Vodafone which faces tough times in their mother countries due to diminished market demand.

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The leading fixed-line company in Ghana is Ghana Telecom which Vodafone intends to buy. With parliamentary assent, the deal may go through. Expertise and good marketing strategies of the company would increase the market demand within the region. This is because Vodafone generates income from Middle East, Asia and Europe. Due to technological needs the market is open to the industry.

Vodafone is up for tough financial times with frequent power shortage. The industry will thus inconvenience its consumer's needs. However, apart from power shortages the country also is torn apart by corruption, political wrangles and foreign debts adversely affecting its economy. Though foreign debtors have lifted their debts the country has a weak currency stagnating its economic growth and stability. The future is yet bright with rapid population growth, slashed budgets and erection of new industries to strengthen its economy. Thus Vodafone have no sunders in engineering their market plan for a profitable future.

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