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Working at an Animal Shelter

Having gone through the ABC curriculum, I worked with other certified trainers at a local animal shelter where I have acquired priceless knowledge and experience about working with animals of all kinds such as puppies and kittens and getting to understand the numerous intricacies of animal relationships with people. I have learnt that working at an animal shelter is a perfect job for someone with love for animals and for someone who is very tolerating because the work is emotionally and physically challenging most especially because the wage for an animal shelter attendant is low. To work at an animal shelter, one requires a lot of sensitivity, patience and calm and one should also possess a professional mentality, the capability to resolve problems and excellent communication skills.

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Since I am an ABC Certified Dog Trainer, it was an exciting and a passionate thing for me to help various animals to develop into well-adjusted and happy family members. I realized that working at an animal shelter entailed more that just treating and pampering animals and that one also has the responsibility to rescue and re-shelter the abused animals. This job involves a lot of communication with people who want to give their animals up and those that want to adopt and thus good communication skills and customer service experience is necessary. Just like any other office work, one is required to maintain the animals' and owner's records for future referencing, answer numerous telephone calls from animal owners and other callers who inform the shelter of any abused animals. It is right to say that if you can be a successful animal attendant ant a shelter, then you can also be a doctor because at a shelter, you are also responsible for vaccination and euthanizing of some animals and this is very challenging for many people.

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I realized that although one may be asked for a college degree certification or other specialized educational qualification in order to work at an animal shelter, one requires dedication than the grades indicated in school degree papers. Personal dedication coupled with occasional training workshops offered through the nation's Humane Society can make one an excellent animal shelter attendant. The experience of working at an animal shelter can also be crucial especially for students who are studying to become veterinarians.

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