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Domestic Violence

Familial cruelty is the maltreatment of someone with whom the victim is having or at some time back had a close, loving or spousal connection. Every year probably around 2 million to 4 million women living in the Untied States are physically abused by their respective partners or husbands. Most of them are brutally physically battered, and a big number of them end up losing their lives. Domestic abuse appears not only with brutality, but it is very rampant in emotional violence. The data of women and domestic violence are extra ordinarily high. Domestic fighting is extensive in most parts of the United States, more often than not owing to the fear caused by the abuser. This trouble is renowned in the United States and a lot more is obviously being done to rectify the crisis (Dutton 32-35).

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There are several ways of domestic abuse used. These methods are such as hitting, pushing and shoving. In severe cases, guns and knives are used as well as sexual harassment. Another type of domestic hostility is mental abuse. The abuser will more often than not use humiliation and degradation as a weapon. As a result, men will make their respective targets get a certain feeling of worthlessness or something of the sort. Alternatively, they may also leave their victims in a situation of defenselessness, such as leaving them without a single penny or with very little, without transport or any form of communication, such as a phone. Women are often beaten-up by persons they believed or thought that they could rest their faith in. this without doubt is a very worrisome fact that domestic abusers are at all times close or intimate with the victims, at one time or another (Cisneros 42-45).

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At present, familial cruelty is rife. Despite of this fact, very many cases usually go unreported. Some women get used to life with the brutality. Embarrassment seems to take a large part in why most cases just go unreported. Usually, mot women have been influenced by the abuser so that they perceive the brutality towards them as a direct consequence of their actions or their entire fault. Also, a lot of women end up losing their self esteem and consider all of the degrading language that have they heard from the abuser as being true or having some truthful aspect in them.

An additional explanation as to why most women stay in a violent relationship is that they are frightened hence ends up not parting ways with their partners. A large number of the batterers make threats including those of bodily harm, and they will demean them in the open. Batterers as well make threats of taking their children away from them, claiming that they do have evidence of the victim being not fit for parenting the children. In addition women are scared that the abuser might also end up abusing the children in case they left. Women look as if they are in a dilemma or end up in a "no-win" state of affairs. This is the reason as to why most of the marital maltreatment cases are not reported, and why it is so extensive (Dutton 20-25).

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Once an abuser gets violent, it is for the reason of something that he or she sees, feels, or thinks. The heartbreaking, truth is that this does happen in reality and is still happening currently. Once, a woman in Houston was spotted throwing her children off the Shepherd Drive Bridge into Buffalo Bayou. In deed this is a very recent case. As a result, one of the children died while three were rescued. Luckily, the other one was prevented from being thrown into Buffalo Bayou.

From the book "Women Hollering Creek" lass, young lady or a wedded lady gets a baby. The father of the baby is: Not at all paying attention to his responsibility of fatherliness or maybe gets away with some other lady. Equally, another man may come into the life of the woman. But to her dismay, he may not be concerned in the children (Cisneros 10).

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After giving birth, she then drowns the baby; due to depression and her inability to face parenthood alone. This may also be as a result of vengeance, or to get the new man's interest by being unfettered by the baby. Regardless, the man still makes off with some other lady. The point being driven home here is that an abuser gets violent; it is for the reason of something that he or she sees, feels, or thinks. It is by no means on the grounds that of something the child does. From this book then one will be very much in order to deduce that the child will suffer directly from the violence on one way or the other. So does the mother of the child. This does not come as a surprise to many or even to none as it is the naked truth. It is what happens in our day to day life (Dutton 12-15).

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One need not stress the fact that it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to make available for their children's physical wants. So should they in ensuring that the emotional state of their children is in the right order or state. They are obliged to kind of insulate or shelter their children from any form of bodily injury and offer for their children's needs for love, attention, and warmth. Parents ought to protect their children from any form of emotional harm. Likewise, they should offer rightful and ethical guiding principles to their children. Cruel behavior is just but one means abusers make use of to acquire their way (Cisneros 24-26).

Going back to the book "Women Hollering Creek" the unswerving facts clearly indicate that the woman is left suffering. She regrets her actions. The man does not suffer at all. She gets haunted by the scenes of her actions. This is as a result of the cruelty or brutality she has suffered in the hands of her partner. By applying common knowledge, a right thinking member of the society shall expect a child who is smaller to get extremely severe consequences as a result of abuse. This is expected due to the child's age. The child will not be in a position to air its grievances hence will continue suffering in silence (Cisneros 12-15).

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The violators will tend to intimidate and withdraw from the people things they require to be alive. The necessities include food or even money. These are essentials without which chances of survival are extremely minimal or even none. Without money one will not be in a position to access medical services or even acquire shelter. Children may be left in the house for the whole day with nobody to look after them. This means that the child will spend the day without food. This is in consideration of the fact that most children are usually fed or often forced to eat. A father who tends to cut off communication between him and his wife gets the children in a similar position if he is the sole breadwinner of the family. It means that the woman will not be in a position to get the child's needs from the father. Many a times, the man is the vigorous abuser while the woman is the unvigorous associate. On the other hand, this is just one of the several family situations. In some situations it is the vice versa. The woman gets to abuse the children directly while the man is involved indirectly. For the most part of the time, child and woman mistreatment do not usually take place jointly, nonetheless, in more or less half of all households where there are physically abused children, the mother is also most likely battered. It is a widespread idea is that whenever a husband batters his spouse; she will in turn strike the children. Occasionally this is factual. Women are to blame for around one third of all child ill-treatment. Women are liable for most of the parenting in the social order, so whenever children are dispossessed of what they need to survive, mothers are held accountable. Nevertheless, men hand in most of the bodily violence, mostly where serious injury to the child is concerned.

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There is usually the 'battering cycle'. This cycle consists of three stages. The stages may differ in timing and strength in different couples (Cisneros 10-14).

First there is the tension-building or 'stress stage', the outburst of rough treatment or the 'abusive incident', and loving regret which are as well known as the 'honeymoon phase'. In the entire period, there is continuing emotional nervous tension between victim and abuser as anxiety and frustration grows. Unsettled differences and earlier feelings of fury glow within the violator (Cisneros 15-18).

In the subsequent stage, the aggression takes place. One usually gets motivated from inside and the bodily deed is even pleasant. It kind of gives out rants and raves. The development reoccurs often causing the abuser to rain more and more blows until he is satisfied or exhausted. The violator becomes addicted to this and it the only way through which he may release his tension. The moment the violator explodes, his fury is irrepressible. In the 'honeymoon phase' both attempt to overlook what has occurred. The violator shows loving deeds so as to reunite or promises to transform. The sufferer attempts to suppose that the torment has ended. It is true but then at the same time temporary in anticipation of nervousness building and the sequence reoccurs (Cisneros 25-28).

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During the build up stage, the sufferer knows very well that the verbal attacks are leading to hell. She has a picture in mind of what is about to arise as she experienced it in the previous moments. She may even try pleasing him but to no avail. Soon as hell breaks loose she realizes that she cannot escape. Afterwards she starts living in a state of denial. She imagines that whatever happened was not real or that it was not happening to her. This is followed by trauma and psychological torture. The sufferer may isolate themselves at time to avoid embarrassment.

Most of the abusers are usually alcoholics. They usually experience anxiety. After excessive consumption of alcohol, they will often go ahead and abuse their partners. Violent parents are over and over again very cold to their children. Some children in pursuit of notice get hit and confuse that hitting with attention from their parents/guardians. A physically abused person feels like a captive. A child who is abused may even hang on to the person abusing him/her in the belief that they are the ones who are bad. That is how desperately they need attention. There are services to care for sufferers of cruelty. It is in opposition to church rules to cause premeditated harm to any other individual. Familial brutality harms all parts of the church (Radford 25-28).

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