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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Although a zombie apocalypse may seem rather fantastic, it does not mean that it can never happen. The more advanced technologies are becoming, the easier it is to believe in appearance of horrible creatures. A zombie apocalypse is one of the most dangerous because unlike, for example, melting glaciers, zombies haunt and bite. Without such elements as weaponry, safe shelter and supplies, it would be impossible for humans to stay alive for a long time.

Without any weapon, a person will become a very easy target no matter how well-trained he or she is, so the survivals’ priority task is to find some. It is crucial not to forget that the zombies’ main purpose is to eat. It is fair to assume that these creatures either can think or at least have some basic instincts. If they do, they would search for survivors without any noticeable arms. When humans manage to find even the basic weaponry, carrying it in a way that zombies could see it is not a bad idea. Weapons in a prominent place are likely to decrease the number of attacks by frightening the shyest and weakest zombies. Taking into account that few people would expect a zombie apocalypse to happen, few would have a big number of weapons in their homes. Moreover, most survivors would probably have none. As a matter of fact, even if a person has some weapon at home, he or she may be elsewhere when apocalypse starts, so it may be almost improbable to reach it with all those living dead walking down the streets. Therefore, a survivor should calm down and think about all possible materials on hand. For example, many people, especially Americans, have at least one baseball bat at home because baseball is popular in this country. If a person is near any empty house, he or she should go there and search for a bat. Of course, it is significant to act fast in this dangerous situation; there is not much time for searching a bat because zombies are not asleep. While being in someone else’s house, a human should also remember that almost all people have saws, knives, hammers, axes and pliers. If there is no way to find it, it would be wise to look for a brick. In case when humans are lucky to find a pile of bricks, they should be clever and take several bricks because there may be no opportunity to come back for getting more. It is important to mention that people who live in certain Asian countries would probably easily come across samurai swords and katanas, while survivors in some other countries would find machetes. Although firearms are difficult to find, it is worth trying because of their effectiveness and ability to avoid close-in fighting. A gun shop is the place where humans should head. However, there is a huge problem: most of the survivors will think about it and do the same. Thus, if a human is on the skirts of the town, then it is no use hurrying to get to a gun shop which is situated in the centre of the town. By the time when he or she gets there, there may be no weapons left, and risking the life would appear to be in vain. Nevertheless, provided that such shop is rather close, humans should go there and rob it without a twinge of conscience because their lives are at stake. Rifles, pistols, thermal imagery devices, hand guns, crossbows, shotguns – put everything to good use. Humans should be aware of the fact that there is no such thing as too many bullets. With the possibility of a melee, titan jackets would be very useful.

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One of the safest places that can protect a big number of survivors from attacks of these dangerous creatures is a military base. High protectiveness is based on the fact that these buildings were designed in a way to defend people from enemies. The luckiest people are those who live in Texas, Georgia, California, and Virginia because the concentration of such facilities is rather high in these states. Beside the low risk of being attacked, military bases are also advantageous because soldiers may be present there. They can train other humans, explain how to use weapons, and share some with them. Such cooperation may result in forming special groups that will spy out the land or hunt and kill those hostile creatures. No matter how surprising it may sound, but another possible shelter is a country-side or a forest. Staying in a big city may be extremely dangerous because of several reasons. Firstly, taking into account that a huge number of people live there, most of the zombies will stay there since cities will be food-rich regions for them. Secondly, considering the human nature, people may soon start to fight with each other, for instance, over the weapons or supplies. Finally, hundreds of thousands of survivors will also look for a shelter, which will make it almost improbable to find one. If people decide to stay in a city, then they should consider searching for a bomb shelter. If bomb shelters can protect from a nuclear attack, then not only a zombie, but even a mouse will not be able to get into it.

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It should come as no surprise that it may take a while till this nightmare ends. Thus, the more food humans store, the more chances that they will survive are. The most significant supply is water in bottles because without it, humans will not live for long. Without the possibility to cook, humans should find a way to replace meat, that is, protein, and nuts are a good option. In supermarkets, survivors can steal canned goods, including canned meat, which can be preserved for long.

To sum up, in the face of zombie danger, humans should search for weapons, shelter, and food. Weapons will let them protect themselves and fight back. Shelter is significant not only for safety, but also for stockpiling food. Water and food are the most important because without them, humans will not need arms and the place to stay.

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