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The gap between the rich and the poor, the high and mighty has always been big especially in the developing countries. The rich seems to be growing wealthier as the poor continue to perish in poverty. A couple of explanations have been given towards this sort of behavior but there is no exact thing or character that we can point out and say that this is the exact cause of such kind of behavior.

China is not what we would call a developing or third world country but rather it is one of the wealthy countries we have in the world. Due to this, there have been a lot of challenges in governing the country and controlling the economy so that each and every person feels as though they are part and parcel of the economy. China’s economy is the fourth after Germany but that is not felt by the local farmer growing rice in the field (Sherman, 2009).

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Though the economy has grown as from 1949, the social gap between the rich and the poor, the cities and the villages has so much grown. This is because the people are too many. The government is discouraging its citizens to stop giving up so that the population can either go down or stay constant.

There are no special strategies that seem to be put in place in order to improve the village life so that there is no overcrowding in towns. Most villagers are farmers. If the government can use part of the country’s wealth in order to improve the common man’s status, just like what it did to host the Olympics in 2008, then life would not be as difficult and hectic as it is now to those who are in the village.

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In 1949, there were not as many people as there are today, there was unity in trying to build the country that is why the country’s economy has greatly improved. If the China does not watch, it will be a country whose name we will not be happy to hear.

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