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Adolescent Health Working Group

Adolescent Health Working Group is an organization that was established by the partnership of adults, youths and private and public sector representatives who are committed to improve the well being and health of youths in Francisco and other parts of the world. The organization was established in 1996 and since then it has benefited most youths not only in Francisco but in other parts of the world as well. The intent of this essay is to explore this website and discuss some of the issues pertaining to the activities of the organization.

Adolescent Health Working Group website has been of great help to the youths since it provides online training, and teaches the youths on the best ways to maintain good health, sexually purity as well as help them to maintain good sexual and behavioral health. Generally, most parts of this website are interesting; however the part that I found livelier is the Resources for youths. This is because; it has successful and knowledgeable handled most of the issues that affect youths. Some of the issues handled in this part include; adolescent health care, behavioral health, body

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Some of the information that I found useful and am planning to integrate into my routinely classroom practices is how to keep peace. This will help me have peace with not only my classmates but with all those people close to me. This will also help me in my current studies since I will be able to relate well with my teachers and friends thus improving my public relations.

With the wide range of services that this organization offers, there are numerous career opportunities that anyone interested in joining the group can venture in. Like any other organization, there must be a central management team that controls all the activities carried out in the organization. Thus career opportunities such manager, secretariat and chairperson among other opportunities in the executive team can not be omitted in such an organization. Since the organization handles cash, auditors and treasurers are expected. Counselors and project managers are also some of the career opportunities that I discovered in this organization.

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The target group for this organization is the youth. Youth here encompasses both teens and young adults. This is because majority of the people in this age bracket have no experience in handling life challenges and most of them end up engaging themselves in behaviors that are unpleasant to the society hence they need counseling and guidance.

The mission of the association as stated on the website is to advance the well being and health of youths and young adults. This statement is powerful and very promising since most of the activities that the organization is involved in are proving to be helping the youths a great deal. Through this, the organization has educated many youths in and beyond Francisco. This mission fits in my philosophy of education well since it educates using both theories and real life situations it has so enough resources to cater for the high demand of the youths.

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Generally, Adolescent Health Working Group is a very determined organization whose mission is to ensure that the well being and health of the young people are improved by educating them on how they can handle stress, safe sexual practices, and behavior

In conclusion, Adolescent Health Working Group was established in 1996 by determined youths and other interested individuals and organizations so as to improve the well being of youths in Francisco. The organization is involved in several activities so as to enhance positive thinking and help the youths to deal with situations such as stress and relationships. The organization also gives useful resources to the youths and parents.

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