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Antioxidant Supplements and Cancer

1. Ladas E, Kelly K. M. (2010) Antioxidant Supplements and Cancer

Ladas and Kelly provide an in-depth evaluation of the research on the use of antioxidants and its effect on cancer patients. The article by Ladas and Kelly describes the use of the antioxidants during conventional treatment of cancer patients as one of the most contentious subject in oncology.  Their article proposes a model which will assist to evaluate the growing body of literature on antioxidants research that seeks to establish their contributions to the preservation or restoration of wellbeing. This article thoroughly examines why antioxidants might be supportive to cancer patients, and then evaluate the research done so far to establish whether these conclusions are supported by the results.                     

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2. Ward, Elizabeth.' Environmental Nutrition', (2004), Vitamin C: Still Key For Immunity, Cancer, Heart Disease, Eye Health, Vol. 27 Issue 3

The article states that studies have revealed a relationship between antioxidants rich diet, and the decrease in cancer risks. Those types of cancers that are said to be particularly reduced include gastrointestinal tract cancer, lung, pancreas, and cervix cancer.  The article cites that a recent research carried out by scientists have found out that high levels of antioxidants and especially vitamin C has an enhanced protection against H. Pylori infection, a bacteria that is responsible for most ulcers and increased stomach ulcers risks. The article explains that Vitamin C blocks the production of nitrosamines, thus preventing stomach ulcers. However, while this antioxidant appears to be a prevailing actor in reducing various types of cancers, the article points out that it is the overall mix of various vitamins nutrients-mostly from vitamins rich fruits and mineral rich green vegetables- that is really responsible for reduction in cancer risk.  

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3. Walsh, Julie, 'Environmental Nutrition' (2000) Vitamin C-Rich Foods Help Fend Off Heart Disease, Cancer--Even Scurvy, Vol. 23, Issue 10

The article investigates the value of Vitamin C and the integral part it plays to most body functions. The article point out that Vitamin C put together and maintains a protein called collagen that holds cells, tissues and bones together. It is also essential in healing of wounds and it prevents infections. It is also helps in the production of various hormones and amino acids. Vitamin C also improves the folic acid metabolism and enhances the antioxidant capabilities of vitamin E. the article cites the studies have shown that vitamin C does inhibit the development of H. pylori, the stomach cancer enhancer. The article points out at a recent study research that found that men with the lowest levels of vitamin C in the blood had about a one-and-a-half times higher risk of cancer as compared to those with a higher levels of Vitamin C.

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4. Tufts University Diet & Nutrition Letter, (1994), High vitamin doses for warding off colon cancer, Vol. 12 Issue 7

The article points out that there is still doubt whether antioxidant vitamins reduces the risk of cancer. The article cites a research done in April in Finland that showed that smokers who took vitamin E and beta-carotene supplements were had an equal risk of developing lung cancer as those male smokers were not on supplements. The scientists also found out that those who took high doses of vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C did not have fewer colons and rectums precancerous growths as compared to those who did not take antioxidant supplements. The article suggests that perhaps other than antioxidants, the other compounds found in vegetables and fruits may be responsible of exerting the protective effect, thus reduced cancer risks. It may also be that people who take large amounts of plant foods may thereby avoid excess of detrimental substances in fats and meats. However, the article recommends that more studies needs to be carried out before any conclusion on the matter can be given.

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5. Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, (2000) Should You Continue Taking Antioxidant Supplements? Vol. 18, Issue 4

The article states that even though most of studies conducted so far have recommended that large antioxidant nutrients doses that contain beta carotene, vitamins C, and E, reduces the risks of having heart disease and cancer, more recent and wide-ranging researches dispute this position. The article points out that distinguished scientists have produced a comprehensive report for the Institute of Medicine, after reviewing numerous of researches on role played by antioxidants in reducing or mitigating cancer disease risk. This 500 pages report sets new allowances recommended for antioxidants dietary. By so doing, they have pointed out that nearly every Americans get enough of the necessary antioxidant vitamins in their diets and yet the disease remains prevalent in this society. The scientists conclude that insufficient evidence exists to support claims that chronic diseases can be mitigated by taking large doses of antioxidants

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6. USA Today Magazine, (2008) Real Food Better Than Supplements, Vol. 136, Issue 2753

The article provides information about cancer prevention and points out that Antioxidants such as carotene, lutein, lycopene, vitamins C and E, and many other Antioxidants substances plays a role in preventing diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease,  cancer, and macular degeneration. These Antioxidants are said to have the capability of neutralizing free radicals, thus helping to detoxify the natural cell metabolism by-products. The article however points out that recent studies have suggested that although the supplements containing the mentioned antioxidants are by and large considered safe, taking higher doses of supplements may actually be harmful. The article recommends foods that may offer an array of health benefits as well as antioxidants, such as those high in fiber, minerals and other vitamins, protein.

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7. Total Health, (1993) Revolution underway in understanding nutrition and cancer prevention., Vol. 15, Issue 6

The article discusses the role of antioxidant supplements in preventing cancer. The article gives an opinion by Gladys Block; a Public Health Nutrition whose opinion was that the disease should be prevented whenever possible. The article reports on a number of complex issues of dietetic approach to mitigating the risk of cancer that was deliberated by a panel of imminent persons and nutritional experts. While there arose many methods that can be applied to achieve optimal nutrition levels, the panelists agreed that diet, personal lifestyle, and family health history are all central in determining the likelihood of an individual getting cancer.

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