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Human Development and Socialization

Psychological disorders cases have increased over the years. Psychological disorders tend to affect an individual's daily life as well as the other people who are around them. Mitchell (1990) defines psychological disorder as a "destructive dysfunction" in which social behavior is considered to be distinctive, maladaptive, troubling and intolerable. In the world today they are numerous and different types of disorders. These disorders can be categorized into personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. In this paper I will discuss on a personality disorder known as Bulimia.

Bulimia is a psychological eating disorder. The disorder is mainly characterized by eating large amount of food in a short duration. Binges are usually accompanied by thoughts of guilt, worry, depression, disgrace, and loss of control (Mitchell, 1990). These negative feelings, especially, depression and anxiety about ones behavior led to practice of bulimic behavior such fasting, strong exercising, vomiting, and use of laxatives which fasten the digestion process. Too much weight and shape concerns are also symptoms of bulimia.

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Bulimia has very serious psychological effects on the person affected. Inpatient medical health care is usually required, then followed by the outpatient care. Medical cure alone will not be effective; bulimia treatment should also include a psychological module (Carole, 2005). The effects of bulimia must be carefully treated and when the patient becomes stable, psychological treatment can then be started. Treatment for psychology effects of bulimia comprise addressing the affecting issue systematically and teaching the patients how to cope with the situation.

Socialization comprise of the social leaning that we acquire from the people we interact with (Saraswathi, 2001). Many of the people believe that socialization is only importance to the children during the early age. However Social psychologists have reviewed that socialization is important to everyone during the life span. Socialization has been seen to have a very close relationship with human development. The fundamental relationship of socialization and human development is evident in our daily life. For instance there is lack of human development in those people that are socially isolated. Basically, if a child is restricted from social experience, he or she mighty fail to develop the norm language ability which eventually lead to discrimination in other social learning (Saraswathi, 2001).

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Many sociologists and psychologists believe that peoples who engage in socialization learn norms and values that make up a part of human development. People suffering from bulimia fear to interact with others, this is likely to affect their personality with time.

The underlying social effects of bulimia have been ignored over the time; they are not usually discussed about or treated, although they are of important as those of psychological effects .In fact, they are much related the human development of an individual. As a result of the fatigue brought about by effects, people suffering from the disorder normally have less energy to socialize with their peers. These people are more concentrated on the weight and food, this make them have hardship in developing and maintaining relationship with their colleagues (Carole, 2005). In long-run this may lead to poor personal and human development. Treatment of social effects of bulimia comprise of family or group therapy. Consequently it may comprise reaching communication skills, social skills and leisure skills.

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In conclusion, psychological disorders continue to gain more interest, as new study give more lime light on their nature, and as psychologists move on with search for more mechanism of treating and preventing the psychological disorders. Moreover an enhanced understanding of the psychological disorders is likely to emerge, resulting to positive reactions by the affected people. When this happens, many affected people will come out to seek assistance.

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