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Diagnostic Essay

Success in the academic contexts often involves more than just listening to lectures and doing assignments. If one is to excel in the academic work, they have to engage themselves in more than just the usual attending lectures and other class work. One very essential ingredient of academic excellence is the ability to remember explicitly the nitty gritties of a concept learnt in class and applying it effectively (Nevid, 2008). Partial remembrance can result to attainment of incomplete marks which can have immense impacts on the overall performance of a student.

As a student, I have had to go the extra mile of not only attending all lectures as scheduled and completing assignments on time but also ensuring that I wholly internalize the concepts learned and remembering it thoroughly in examination contexts. Amongst other tools I have found very instrumental in my school life and my quest for academic success is writing. At the onset of every semester, I set a number of targets that I need to achieve in my academic performance. I usually write down all the targets so as to keep on revisiting them as the semester progresses. This is one very important way that I am able to track down my progress and ensure that I do not veer off the way. Addressed in the goals are the ways I am supposed to attain these targets (Nevid, 2008). For instance, I have made it a routine to ensure that I write short notes as I study. This applies to both textbooks and classnotes. I actually ensure that I have summarized all the notes in each unit undertaken in a semester. By so doing, there is less work for me when revising for final exams. Reading, understanding and applying knowledge acquired in class cannot help much if not demonstrated in an examination context. As such, I endeavor to put all the facts into writing before embarking on drafting the final copy. In fact, I have seen remarkable performances in all my semester examinations after doing all these- the benefits of writing.

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