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There have been controversies on whether or not HPV vaccine should be mandated in public schools. There are those individuals who argue that mandating this vaccine in public schools will lead to girls engaging in more risky behaviors. Others oppose, arguing that these drugs are expensive. In addition, the opponents of this program are always concerned with the parents’ reaction towards mandating HPV vaccine. They argue that there is a likelihood of parents refusing to advocate for the introduction of this vaccine in public schools. The truth is that mandating this vaccine can be of great help, especially to a large population of girls who are vulnerable to being infected with sexually transmitted infections. It is true that abstinence is the best method of ensuring that one does not contract sexually transmitted diseases. Those who oppose mandating HPV vaccine should remember that abstinence can never protect one against involuntary rape. Another issue to consider is that as much as a woman can try her best in abstaining from sexual intercourse till marriage, it is impossible to prevent infection in case she encounters an infected husband. The above factors prove that women are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases than men; therefore, it is important to mandate HPV vaccine in public schools in order to ensure their health (Cully, 2010)

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Research has indicated that the enforcement of primary and secondary seatbelt laws have played an important role in reducing the occurrence of motor vehicle injuries and fatalities. Primary enforcement of these laws helps police authorities to be able to arrest violators of this law hence promoting road safety. Epidemiological studies played an important role in the enforcement of seat belt laws. This is because it was through these studies that the effectiveness of both primary and secondary laws could be analyzed and, therefore, enforced. In addition, these studies helped in analyzing different socio-demographic characteristics that greatly influence safety belt law. Research has indicated that primary laws prove to be more effective than secondary laws. A study carried out in 50 states indicated that the use of primary safety belt laws leads to 85% safety among motor vehicle users. 74% was the safety rate in states that implemented secondary laws (Hawkins, 2011).

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