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The Alcohol

An individual coming to work intoxicated having drunken alcohol is definitely suffering from the problem of alcoholism. Alcoholism is a serious social problem in various societies across the world. The person coming to work is intoxicated because of either being addicted to alcohol, or the individual may be suffering from a certain stress which makes him/her think that alcohol can solve it. It is common knowledge that some individuals believe that getting intoxicated through consuming alcohol relieves stress. A person of integrity cannot come to a place of work while intoxicated. It is, therefore, important that the individual is taken through a guiding and counseling session to ascertain the nature of the problem and thus try to make the individual recover from alcoholism (Powell, et al, 2010).

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Section two

Problem Solving Tools that can Address the Alcoholism Problem

One of the best problem tools that address the alcoholism problem of the individual is finding the root cause of the problem. This is because many of the problems including the alcoholism are known to have root causes which are important to know when looking for solutions. A symptom like an individual coming to work while intoxicated is a clear indicator that there is a problem in such an individual’s personal life. In order to reduce the alcoholism problem of the individual, it is important that the root cause of the problem rather than its symptoms is addressed. This can be addressed using the broken window theory and differential diagnosis (Fogler, et al, 2007).

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Another problem solving tool that can best be used in solving the alcoholism problem of the individual is through the gathering true data and facts. Investigations should be carried out in order to make good decisions regarding the problem at hand. This will ensure that new things are learnt during the process. Gathering true facts and data regarding the problem at hand (alcoholism) will ensure that the person dealing with the issue will learn what is needed and when to know it. This is also referred to as “just in time learning”.    

Section three  

Steps to be Undertaken at Each Step of the Heuristic

“Heuristic” is a Greek term which refers to a “process, structured algorithm or approach that comprises of five steps. These steps include:

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Definition of goals and opportunities

Objectives in solving the problem of the individual affected by the alcoholism should be well defined. The functionality that needs to be integrated in the current system or process should be ascertained with a view of eliminating or reducing the undesirable effect of alcoholism.

Map the system or process

Identification of each step of the constituent element aimed at helping the individual overcome the alcoholism problem should be initiated in the form of a process map.

Expression of the impact o f each element or step

Analyzing of each system element or process step is conducted with a view of ascertaining both the harmful and negative effects on the individual.

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While the third step will put focus on each element or step in the context of the system or process, this step will contrast the effects of each step with a view of supporting the goals. The outcome is then eventually phrased like a question which defines the new problem of alcoholism that is to be solved (Reeve, et al, 2011).

Organization and consolidation of statements

All problem statements that have been generated regarding alcoholism that the individual is suffering from should be organized. If there are any recurrent themes, then that will be a strong indicator towards a powerful opportunity to express that one solution is capable of dealing with several problems. Any contradictions or synergies which may arise when solving the individual’s alcoholism problem should be handled carefully. There is always an opportunity of working on a well-scoped and focused problem during this last stage of the heuristic process. 

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