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Regulatory Requirements on the Delivery of Health Care

Health care is the prevention and treatment of various diseases. It is provided by qualified health professionals in pharmacy, nursing and medicine. Health care service is one of the fields that are growing rapidly, its changing a lot compared to other industries. Due to these facts students should be focused to make sure that they achieve all the required skill while learning this course. There are various laid down guide lines and procedures that should follow to meet this objective.(Phelps, 2002)

The provision of health care depends on expansion of trained professionals from various interdisciplinary teams. To make sure this objective is achieved several sectors are brought together to provide health care and services. According to health care industry and market, classifications of various care industries incorporate health care equipments and services. The sectors associated with this group include diagnostic laboratories, nursing homes, providers of health care plans and home health care.

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Graduates are first introduced to various groups in order to associate with them. They include the physicians, patients and the governing body and learning how to protect and take care of the patients. To understand the complex issues of the healthcare students are addressed on the issues of decision making and ethical strategies, legal, regulatory concepts and some public policies which health care industry. This objective may also be achieved through learning various healthy policies and their impacts on the health care of the community.

In today's society there are various health problems that need to be addressed ranging from how government legal practices affect them. This objective assists students to incorporate various issues that affect patient. This is very crucial since it will assist in making significant contribution toward the health of the community.

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Through the study of people, politics and ethics in the health care will make students to be introduced to health care philosophy. The overall quality of people's daily life will be improved. Students will be assisted in analyzing the data in health care industry especially in the field of nursing.

Since health care involves reaching the community and addressing various health problems and working together with people from different backgrounds, students should taught various strategies to manage challenges that they may encounter when offering services to the community. Such strategies include, teaching, coaching and trained to be leaders of health service teams. This will assist them to build good relationship.

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Some skills gained from leadership training include how to address unprofessional behaviors and conflict resolution methods. Develop an organization strategy in addressing disruptive behaviors within the working team members such as nurses and medical staffs. In the community still there are challenges for instance rejection by the community members. A strategy to deal with this challenge should include understanding the community's problems and making friendship with them.

Critical thinking can be said to be process of analyzing various alternatives and taking only those which are beneficial. Critical thinking is very essential field in health care since one is required to make decisions that will improve healthcare to the community. The appropriate decision making will determine the new direction the healthcare field will take. Critical thinking will make them to prepare comprehensive report that will state the way forward for healthcare to the community. They will be able to decide on which resources to depend on when addressing the problem of health care to the society.

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Critical thinking can also be applied in solving various challenges that they may encounter in their daily activities. In this field still there may be more arguments which may lead to conflict within the staff members, graduates will be able to address such issues using skills gained on critical thinking concept. It may also assist them in communicating clearly with other members of the health care providers.(Glase, 1941)

Every day every industry is changing since new information are generated. In order to reap the best in the field you are it's very important to further your education. In health care field this is of great importance so as to continue giving proper medical care to the patient. New discoveries are made daily within this field hence it is good for one to be equipped with new knowledge. It can be a bit challenging to try to deal with those discoveries without advancing your knowledge about them.

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There is a need for the health care practitioners to further their education in order to give the required services to the patients and clients. Continuing education provides them with opportunity to advance their knowledge hence giving them opportunity to apply it in treatment of their patient daily. In addition their career satisfaction increase, through learning new skills hence their aptitude increases. This is an added advantage since their current employers won't let them go.

Many health care practitioners know that furthering studies is not just a matter of certificate but a method of attracting new creating more employment chances within health care organizations. Increasing skills in health care field increases job satisfaction hence many employers will provide career development opportunity in their organization. It also makes employees more valuable by providing the best care that patients need. Failure to provide a chance for further studies may result to less quality care to the patients.

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Health care field is one of the many importance fields in every societies, it should not be ignored. As matter of fact is the pillar of the community's health and for this reason it should be provided comprehensively. Health practitioners should be trained to be able to administer and take care to the patient. Furthering education increases chance to provide the most possible outcome to the patients. Advancing education in health care practices take place everyday, hence health care providers have a chance to learn and put their learning in practice for the benefit of the patients.

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