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Hooked in Alcohol

Alcohol or as chemist would call it ethanol has been an important drink to man since time in memorial. This drink has been used by man in various events and for various reasons. The most common use of the 'chemical' is as a beverage. There are many reasons as to why people use alcoholic drinks. Some are; fun, to get high, peer pressure, medical, among others. Never the less it has bad effects to man if abused.

Alcohol abuse can destroy a young person's life and if a young person finds he or she is abusing it, he should join a good peer group and read information on the subject.

After completion of my primary education, I travelled upcountry to visit my grand parents. It was a good experience for me since it was the first time my parents had allowed me to go by my self for a month. I was about 14 years of age and very adventurous with a lot of teenage curiosity. My stay there was fantastic at the beginning before I meet Rob.

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It was in my second week when I went to the shopping centre to find company since my grand parents had left me alone in the house. In the small town I meet with this courageous boy (Rob) who looked about 5 years older than me. With him there were other four boys, two of my age and the other two were also older. Rob noticed my presence and came to wards me and asked if I could join them which I agreed upon. Rob took me to old warehouse where he removed from his bag a 750ml bottle of vodka. The other boys were so happy and took it as I refused. Rob talked me to it after which I joined them.

It became a daily behavior of meeting in the old ware house to take alcohol. At fist it seemed so nice and so sweet. I felt like this was the best thing and the only thing I wanted in the world. My grand parents did not know of it since I used to come up home late claiming to be tied and went straight to bed. In the second week Rob started demanding money from so that I could also provide the drink. Since I did not have any money, it resulted from me stealing money from my grand parents. After the second weeks my grand father noticed that his 100 dollars was missing in his wallet. Of course he asked me of it but I denied of talking the money. He deliberately left another 100 dollars in the wallet. I sneaked in his room and picked the money, suddenly being caught in the act. I told my grand father every thing about Rob, the other boys, and the alcohol abuse.

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My grand father talked to me about the matter and I realized that I had lost a lot since I began taking alcoholic drinks; I discovered that I had lost weight, I frequently had memory loss, ,I had headaches (I used to take painkillers thinking that the headaches were because of fatigue or tiredness), did not go church, had become insolent, and was irresponsible in my work. I became so mad with my self and hated everything about myself. I cried for a long time while my grand father was looking at me, then he grabbed me and took me with him. He took me to the church where saw with a group of boys and girls singing hymns. I was introduced to the group and my grandfather left me with them. The boys and girls treated me with a lot of respect and I was happy. I joined the group and started to hag around with them. I found it had to forget my old friends whom we used to meet but for only a short time. They would want me to join them in drinking by I strongly refused. My meeting with Robs group was negative in my reformation since once I saw them I felt the urge of indulging in alcohol abuse but I did not.

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I never took alcohol again for the rest of my vocation there of which I owe to my grand father and the church youth group which I spent the rest of my vocation with. The youth group provided a strong emotional support, and company in my hard times.

If could have joined or visited the I could have been helped with my drinking problem. In this site you get to know the symptoms and the signs of addiction. This website gives you the tips on how to reduce stress due to previous addictive behaviors and becoming physically active. More important in the site you can get coaching session s on avoiding/stopping drug addiction or abuse. For you to contact my self help use this link.

If one has a drug problem it is important for that person to get top know the symptoms and what to do about the addiction or the abuse. Such information can best be found in the myself help .com website. Never the less, one needs a company/someone/group of people to help him or her in changing. This groups helps through listening to you, caring for you, giving you the refuge you need. Alcohol abuse can destroy a young person's life and if a young person finds he or she is abusing it, he should join a good peer group and read information on the subject.

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