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United Nation as a Global Organization

United Nation as a global organization that was formed 19 45 after the World War II. The core aim of the UN was to protect peace and create a forum for international discussion to ensure that no more incidences of war were to be experienced in the world. The organization was formed by the allies who emerged victorious during the Second World War (Cohen, 1999). Through the UN allies who had emerged victories aimed at promoting cooperation in international war, economic development and growth, human rights, international security and social progress among other humanitarian activities that were destroyed during the World War II. The UN was formed to replace League of Nations, a similar organization that was formed after the World War I to prevent countries from going into wars in future. League of Nations was termed as obsolete after it was unable to prevent World War II from occurring (Cohen, 1999).

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However, it is worth that the United Nations was no different to the League of Nations. League of Nations was formed to stop any form of conflict between nations or regions after the World War l. It was abolished after the World War II since the allies who had emerged victorious felt that it was not effective after failing to prevent occurrence of the World War II (Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2004).

United Nations was formed to replace the League of Nations by allies who won the World War II under the leadership of United States of America. UN was no different to the League of Nations and it was too formed on the basis of Liberal and realist characteristics that aimed at strengthening the cooperation of the allies that emerged victorious after the World War II so that they can maintain their power. Although United Nations has increased its memberships to 193 states currently, there is controversy that the organization only caters for the interests of it original founders so that they can maintain their global superiority (Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2004).

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Since the formation of the UN in 1945, the world has changed socially, economically and even politically. Some of the tools that were used by the victors of the World War II are no longer effective and some of the powerful countries after the World War II have been overtaken by some countries that lost in the World War II. Political analysts argue that the Western countries are losing their superiority both politically and economically to the countries in the east. Polarity among countries has changed from bi-polar to universal relations. Countries that looked at one another as enemies after the World War II are now relying on one another in terms of development (Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2004). Actually the world has changed into a small village whereby each country has to involve other countries in order to remain stable. The major countries which established UN have realized that they cannot remain superior on their own without involving other world countries. After the events of the World War II, US had to join United Nations and start participating in international activities contrary to before the war when US practiced traditional isolationism whereby it was only involved it is domestic issues (Cohen, 1999).

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As one of the two dominant superpowers of the World War II, US had no option but to join UN in order to help it allies recover from the challenges of the World War II and stop spreading of Communism that was represent by the Soviet Union. United States of America had to get involved in international affairs and this affected its domestic politics resulting to A Cold War. US was expected to help the international world both economically and military personnel. Local politicians felt that this was creating room for communistic policies pioneered by the Soviet Union. So many changes happened and US was forced indirectly to enter into several treaties with the rest of the world. All in all, decades after the World War II, the United State became a world super power in terms of economic, political, cultural technology and military affairs. However, polarization has taken place in the US history since 1945 and currently US politics are characterized with stiff completion and different policies (Cohen, 1999).

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The emergence of US as super power in 1991 made US to dominate of the operations of the United Nations and it is its major financier. Other countries that were not very powerful during the times have gained global recognition in terms of economic performance. One of the countries that are doing well is China. Economists argue that there power shift from the West to East. The fear with US and other western economies is that if nothing is done, most influential countries in future will come from Asia. Research shows that when western countries are doing poorly economically, those from the east have been experience drastic economic growth. Consequently The UN has responded by trying to empower western countries in order to maintain their superiority. This has resulted to establishment of discriminative policies towards the Asian Countries. Majority of the countries under US leadership have shown that they can operate stably with little or no interference from the western countries (Dolivet, 2006).

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However, several challenges have still prevailed even after the formation of United Nations. New threats to peace and stability have been witnessed such as terror attacks by organized criminal groups from Asian countries especially the Islamic countries. These countries feel that western countries have been unfair to Asian countries and even to their region. Several economic recessions and civil wars have been witnessed in many parts of the world even with the existence of the UN. There has been a controversy whether there is need to have UN if it cannot help in solving economic and political challenges facing some of its member states (Dolivet, 2006). However, the UN has been stressing that it still plays a great role regardless of the challenges. The UN through the leadership of its major states such as the US have come up with strategies to adapt to changing World Development strategies and on how to deal peace threatening activities such as terrorism. It is evident that the UN, just like the League of Nations has not provided solutions to all the challenge facing the world in the 21st century. However the organization has contributed greatly in maintaining peace and stability in the world (Dolivet, 2006). It is true that some of the UN tools that were used in 1945, after the World War II but this do not justify its abolishment. Reforms need to be made in its organs so that it can reflect current needs of all it member states and not only the allies if World War II.

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