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Amnesty International

Amnesty international was established in July 1961 in London by Peter Benenson, who was an English labor lawyer. Amnesty International is a nongovernmental organization, which seeks to prevent violation of human rights. It is independent from the influence of governments, religions, economic interests and political ideologies. Its participation in politics mainly focuses on challenging policy issues that fail to address human rights effectively.

Membership to Amnesty International is voluntary. Its main targets are governments, other non governmental organizations and personalities. Currently, it has been able to draw members, supporters, and activists from more than one hundred and fifty countries that are committed towards campaigning against serious violation of human rights.

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Amnesty International aims at eliminating death penalty, bringing to an end extra judicial execution, and ensuring that prison conditions match the international standards. Besides this, it advocates for fair trial of political prisoners, and it also fights against impunity in various governments. This organization also bargains for freedom of expression in many countries with an aim of encouraging citizens to exercise their political rights.

For Amnesty International to be able to achieve its aims, it has developed various strategies that enable it to gather information on social and political issues. Moreover, it ensures that the public have access to vital information. This strategy enables it to produce true and accurate reports, which it publishes in websites, and newsletters.

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Amnesty International usually gets public opinion by carrying out campaigns. However, when there is need for an urgent attention, it usually calls upon urgent action networks works to help it in addressing urgent issues.

One of its major strengths is the large size of its human resources, which enables it to carry out its activities effectively. Amnesty International has also been able to draw the support of citizens from various countries by concentrating more on issues related to human rights and politics. This has enabled it to pressurize countries and governments to grant their citizens justice. Its strong support for justice and human rights has enhanced its popularity in most parts of the world.

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