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The Converse Shoe Company

Insinuate product in media is advertisement. Moreover, captivating consumers’ interest is the utmost aim of the advertisement. There are a number of advertisement mediums, but print media offer big opportunities to advocate product to the customers. Furthermore, print media provides complete potential of demonstration the qualities of their product to the advertisers. Therefore, both medium and manifestation play vital role in the advertisement. This paper is going to evaluate advertisement of “Converse shoes.”


The Converse shoe company started publishing their well-known advertisement with slogan “Every Artist Needs His Canvas”, in a number of skate magazines, in 1988. Every person wants to feel him/herself very important, unique, and talented. The company had used this feature of the human’s character in the advertisement; and that proved to be a sound decision.

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In the selected advertisement of the Converse brand, there are a variety of colors, style, and element of enjoyment. At the same time, this piece of advertisement covers the target audience on large scale.

By examining the image, one can notice a variety of shoes represented at the bottom, as the Converse advertisement was intended to cater various groups of audience. So, it would be not wrong to say that this advertisement shoot has targeted more than one group. Yet, on the other hand, the color, the style that each shoe represents, demonstrates the concept and character of different groups of people. The element of enjoyment in the eyes of the boy with a skate, and his pose is actually pride of high brand and stylish shoes which he wear.

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In addition, the slogan written on yellow paper, “Every artist needs his canvas”, inspires the potential buyer to create and be artistic, and, on the other hand, insures that Converse is able to meet requirements of every person; Converse is highly motivated to provide the exact canvas to each and every customer.

In conclusion, demonstration is vital element in advertisement. And, if it is a printed advertisement, the appropriate themes of demonstration make it more viable. Hereinafter, it has been determined with the analysis of the selected advertisement that crafty and themed appearance of products in media denotes to appealing advertisement. And, if product’s craft is being made by understanding of audience approach, it makes the product not only viable but profitable as well. 

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