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Anti-Aging Technologies

Anti-aging technologies have faced quite a number of challenges in the community in their incorporation basically due to the dilemmas of ethics. My interviewee expressed similar concerns of ethical dilemmas that they enhance inequity; do not permit the immutability of aging and that it seems to reap off the privileges of people to be born in the future as it will ultimately lead to the over-population. Based on the fears of my interviewee and the underlying benefits, the advocacy of anti-aging technologies is more compelling than arguments made against it. Therefore, I hereby recommend that the technologies of anti-aging must be well regulated and funded in a manner that enhances the potential thereof to help in reducing the prevalence and incidence of many illnesses and to make possible longer, meaningful and fuller lives.

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These ethical dilemmas are outwitted by factors of beneficence, efficiency, limited autonomy, and improved life quality that comes with these anti-aging technologies. Beneficence is achieved through anti-aging technologies as they play a very important role of preventing death and diseases, as well as maintaining health. In matters of efficiency, the slowing down in aging would cut down the rates for all the most prevalent death causes in the developed communities. Again, there is limited autonomy, and people still have the freedom to buy anti-aging medicines that could or could not work.. The benefits are immeasurable as they enhance life quality making people wiser, healthier and more active. With such resolutions, these ethical dilemmas cannot thwart the inclusion of anti-aging technologies in the medical field.

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Generally, the incorporation and the use of anti-aging technologies are beneficial in promoting the well-being of people with an improved quality of life. Thus, this essay asserts that anti-aging technologies are by far useful in promoting the quality, health, and longevity of life. The main purpose of anti-aging technologies is to counteract the challenges that come with a normal aging process and maximize the productivity of human beings as they grow old. Therefore, anti-aging technologies deem fit for this purpose.

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