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Japan is one of the world’s countries that are doing well in terms of international trade. Warehousing, shipping, communication and other transportation businesses are among the most competitive businesses in Japan. There are several companies that are in the business of storing, packaging, transporting shipping of goods within and outside Japan. Among these companies are DHL Japan, FedEx Japan and Hakotoyo Seikan Corp (Shinp%u014Dsha, 2008).

Comparing the competencies of these three companies, Hakotoyo Seikan Corp has long time experience with warehousing in Tokyo and it has expertise in packaging, storage and local shipping. The company has the advantage of having on land warehouse, strong brand name and a strong long term customer base with many Japanese companies. On the other hand, DHL Japan has well known good reputation and has been famous for many years. DHL Japan has time definite express delivery and advanced logistics, distribution network and inventory facilities. DHL is familiar with international customs and cultures and offers several supply chains to its customers to choose from. It also helps its customers in calculation of taxes, duties and other import fees (University of Michigan, 2007).

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Another company that we should look about its core competencies is FedEx Japan. This company has the advantage of delivering luggage and other good overnight in the US. FedEx is also well equipped in airport information tracking and strong logistical IT infrastructure. It also has strong brand image and convenient website tracking system. It also has a fleet of aircrafts that have perfected its worldwide transportation to over 200 countries globally (University of Michigan, 2007).

Comparing the above competencies for the three companies, it is evident that Hakotoyo Seikan Corp is less competent in terms of the state of IT systems. The company’s transportations systems are only limited to Japan and its transportation partnership logistical data is not well integrated in the company’s data base like it is in the other two companies. This makes it less effective in terms of timely delivery and shipment tracking ( Rutherford, 2003). Consequently, this company does not deliver excellent services as it is with FedEx Japan and DHL regardless of the fact that it has been operational for long period of time.

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Considering the above deficiencies for Hakotoyo Seikan Corp, it is important for the company to improve its IT system and expand its shipping services to the oversea customer in order to widen its area of operations. Hakotoyo also needs to improve its partnership with other Japanese transport systems in order to be fairly competitive. Lastly, Hakotoyo Seikan K.K. should ensure that its logistical data is well integrated in the company’s database in order to make its shipping and shipment tracking efficient and easy. This way the company will have improved its competencies similar to those of DHL Japan and FedEx Japan or even better.

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