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Discrimination against and among Girls

Discrimination against and among girls is a reality. As they passes their childhood an undefined set of cultural norms of femininity and sexuality are imposed on them which results in their loss of self-esteem. For girls adolescence is marked as a period of emotional stress. They face many problems such as negative body image, conflicts about sexuality because of the messages and stereotypes about gender. Girls from lower socioeconomic sections are easy to hit by these as they have less resources and they see conflicts as the celebrities and big brands also have these kinds of advertisements and songs which have a negative impact on the growing girls and those girls assume the celebs and brands closer to the reality.

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The stereotypes as the femme fatale, the supermom, the sex kitten, the nasty corporate climber in the popular magazines and all gives a bad impact on teenage girls. The extra slim body, over make-up misleads the girls and attracts them.

The girl use media to build an image of her femininity as to have goals of marriage and to live under the guidance of a man. This thing has an impact on their logical abilities. And the girls facing the problem of discrimination on the basis of their race economic condition also faces a trouble in their academics.

In songs many times a wrong image of girls is presented, and because it is composed in a good tune people listen and enjoy it, this also become an issue of humiliation for girls. For example most of the rap songs have bad lyrics from the point of view of a girl. The ‘Grammy’ award winner rap artist ‘Eminem’ quoted many times- “I don’t like girls once they turn eighteen”. We can all notice that how bad this can be for a growing girl to hear this. ‘Lady Gaga’ who is one of the most famous celebrities of today gives an awkward sense of feminism to the young girls. Here is the example of the cover page of an album-

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In case of movies, they try to give a nice message at the end of the movie but they shows enough of the misleading stuff to all of us throughout which give a message that everyone do this or it happen very often as movies are the image of society. For an example movie ‘Unfaithful’ (2002) is kind of misleading for the young generation.

Ever since for selling products and advertising them women are used for grabbing attention. Ad agencies present exposure and try to increase sex appeal of their ads. For example an vintage ad of Coca-Cola is presented-

The magazines also show stuff that is not good in case of adolescence and the noticeable fact is that they sell the magazines saying ‘the magazine of a girl’ or ‘the magazine of a woman’.

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Eating disorder is also a problem caused in girls as they find body image as a more important thing. Even the internet is creating many social problems as for a girl to achieve her respect and image she should have a good image and profile on online social networks otherwiseRacial discrimination violates human rights as quoted in Universal Declaration of Human rights: “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” Girls face a lot of discrimination on the basis of their economic condition and race. Students make groups and disrespects on the basis class and race; they make the minorities feel inferior. The information given here well supported by a researched happen in middle-east girl school combined with in-depth interviews of teachers and students.

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