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Referee Jay Nady’s Decision

In his decision, Jay Nady disqualified Bernabe Conception for hitting Steven Luevano when the bell had already sounded to end the seventh round. However, what was troublesome was Nady’s accusation of Concepcion for blatantly and intentionally hitting Luevano after the bell, and told officials and Concepcion’s corner that “He heard me and he heard the bell because I was right there (Guillermo, 2009).” When Freddie Roach, Conception’s corner man justifiably shot back and asked Nady how he knew that Concepcion had heard, Nady answered that “It was wrong! It was simply wrong.” And when roach attempted to dispute Nady’s accusations that Concepcion cruelly hit Luevano after the bell, Nady yelled at Roach stating “Don’t argue with me! Don’t argue with me!”

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Guillermo (2009) asserts that after looking at the replays, two things were apparent. First, the punch was actually after the bell had sounded. Second, Nady jumped to break both fighters way too late than he should have and Concepcion had actually looked at Nady but after he had thrown a punch at Luevano or when the bell sounded as Nady suggested but only after Nady stepped in which was very late and the punch was already thrown. It is therefore, apparent that Nady failed to do his work as referee in a timely manner and washed his hands of any blame by saying Concepcion did something that in his words was “simply wrong.”

The assumption used by Nady that Concepcion heard the bell and saw him- Nady- because he was there, was wrong assumption. This is because when fighting at times, there is usually loud noises and cheering coming from the fans hence being difficult to hear the bell ring. Furthermore, the two are usually supposed to be separated by referee immediately the bell rings, yet this were not the case. In order to test validity of this assumption, I would have asked other officials who were their currently, or even asked for a reply on a video so that I am sure of what exactly happened.

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Nady assume simply that Concepcion heard the bell ring and saw him (Guillermo, 2009). Being human being and knowing that I was late to separate way of the fighters, I would not have used Concepcion as a scapegoat. I would have been accountable for my mistake and apologized to the entire crowd.

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