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Fate of Chinese students in United State Universities

United States of America is known for its excellent universities that provide quality education to students from all parts of the world. China students are among the majority of students from other parts of the world who join colleges for their higher learning. However, it is a pity that most of the Chinese students in American universities do not take advantage of the available resources for their own good.

Before I came to UW Madison, my parents had told me that American students are able to think critically and independently after college education. However, after two years of my study in the USA I had no idea what Critical thinking and thinking independently meant. I even had no idea how I could acquire these abilities. It is after two year of confusion that I started reading a lot and carrying out researches on why Chinese students enroll in USA universities. It is evident that USA universities have better education systems and good learning resources. However this cannot be the only reason why Chinese students are attracted to American universities.

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It is the same USA that has famous people such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg regardless of the fact that the three did not complete their college education. This made me wonder why Chinese students should come from far distances to enroll in USA universities. Majority of the Chinese students in USA universities are only concern about their GPA. They do not care about other benefits that they could get by utilizing other resources available at the university. Worst of all most of the Chinese students are confused by many courses offered in USA universities and are unable to make good choices.

There are other benefits that Chinese students can obtain by utilizing resources available at the USA universities to make themselves better members of the society. This can be achieved by assisting students to think critically and independently. Considering the fate of Chinese students in USA universities and my devastating personal experience while in college, I really want to learn about education so that I can help Chinese students to make good decisions during their college lives. I would wish to help them to overcome college challenges that make a lot of Chinese students drop from USA universities.

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