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When Misfortunes Occur

When misfortunes occur, they usually leave scars in people’s hearts such that they are not able to lead their lives normally as they used to earlier on. The psychological effect on victims is aggravated especially if the misfortune occurs as a result of carelessness and could have otherwise been prevented. When such issues arise, people are supposed to seek professional counseling for help. This paper will focus on the depression condition that Mr. Adams passed through after his house caught fire and he lost almost everything contained inside the building.

Besides losing tangible things to the blaze, he lost a son who was asleep during the time the house caught fire. Mr. Adams also sustained minor burns on his hands and face as he tried to save some of his belongings and was overwhelmed by the inferno. After receiving the first aid treatment, Mr. Adams was very depressed and confused as he pondered on his next move. He therefore looked for a psychologist who gave him counseling and help him come into terms with what had befallen him. By the time the house caught fire, neither him nor his wife was in the house except their young son who had just come back from school. Mr. Adams received a call from a friend informing him of what had happened. He quickly rushed to the scene to see what he could salvage from the fire.

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By the time he went for the counseling, he had developed various depression symptoms. For instance, he had feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. He also had persistent headaches and fatigue. He was further observed to have difficulties while making decisions. He was confused and did not know what to do at the moment. All the above symptoms were diagnostic signs of depression. Mr. Adams is a married to one wife and both of them have two children, a son and a daughter. The Adams are black Americans of Caribbean origin. Moreover, Mr. Adams is a lecturer at a local university while his wife is a nurse.

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