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Issues of Family Values and Legislation that might Help

Over the world there is the existence of many people with everyone coming from his or her own family and needs harmony. The entire professional in the world and other supporters has my claim advocated for, where a good family values is defined by good parenthood. Also family members and the government should also play a key role in its implementation.

The clear ground for this is here. Disunity among mothers is a major source of poor family values even proofed in 2002 at the Bernard college symposium. Even in this place they could not get into an agreement. Motherhood is said to be the most important job in the world. A large estimate of those employed or do half day job get fair allowance from the government as their family unity crumble.

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The kind of taxation scheme is unfriendly. Welfare are to be brought so that the less fortunate mothers not face the harsh feel of taxation and also a simpler provided. Where these measures are not well framed mothers try hard out of their reach keep the family’s unity. Some cases are that baby care services are put up to reduce the burden on the parents so as they can honor their tax requirement.

Safeguarding of jobs is another ground for this issue, which may lead to jail terms. Many people in America try to fit in family friendly policies to get some later benefits. From this, few people enjoy Family and medical leave act privileges with an estimate of 46%.To save our family much attention should not be given to job security other than child care. (Warner, p 67).

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There is no high quality early education program to save the face of challenging times as parents do not provide time for their unity such as the minivan parents who claim that there is a time famine as shown in the 2000 campaign year. The 1999 business well poll as proposed that both men and women should help hold one family (Warner, p 63). The availability of the needy and financial insecurity of the middle class diminishes family values.

The ground to these claims has the best warrants. To promote good family values the government should make sure that everyone has to get anything of basic first just as it happened in France in a consensus. The country needs to put its citizens and subjects as business adventure. Education is known to be the key to success and this case is not an exception either, education should be provided on how to raise children, when to and how to rule out chance of having kids out of wedlock. Men should take center stage of being head to families in case of irresponsibility’s .Average and common after school care for kids should get its usage so as to get good family care and that is what Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed. Quality life should be a preference with priority on the needs in relation to the cash we have. Currently those who see themselves as happy have reduced an example being 1970-1999 fell from 36-29 percent. Despite the need to have security of money we should not sacrifice the peace and comfort of our mind (Warner, p 69).Women need change the face of their profession.To back and qualify all the stated measures on family values, they are seen to be practiced with effectiveness .They are statically proven to help families and promote its unity in the US and France hence can also be applied allover.

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