Custom «Build a Tower, Build a Team» Essay Paper Sample

Build a Tower, Build a Team

The main idea is how to use the spaghetti tower experiment to study and develop the nature of collaboration in different teams comprised of individuals from different corporate levels. The purpose of this is to show the value of managing processes through specialized facilitation skills and continuous prototyping in order to notice the hidden assumptions in a project.

            The interesting question: “Why did all the teams fail when there was an incentive of ten thousand dollars?”

            The significant question in the talk: “What is the marshmallow in the project?”

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            The rating is seven out of possible ten for interesting, and the same for inspirational.

Gary Lauder’s New Traffic Sign: Take Turns

            The main idea is the conservation of energy and prevention of accidents. According to Gary, this can be done by improving the road designs and adopting new road signs and roundabouts.

            The interesting question to me is: Why have the road sign designs not significantly changed through history?

            The statement that struck as most significant was:

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“Energy efficiency is not purely about the car, it also concerns the road. Road design makes a difference, more so at intersections.” (Gary Lauder's new traffic sign: Take Turns)

T          he rating for how interesting the talk was is seven out of ten. The rating for how inspirational the talk was is six out of ten.

Sendhil Mullainathan: Solving Social Problems with a Nudge

            The main idea portrayed by the talk is that there is a new discipline. This is a new social science that studies the complexity of the human mind.

            The main question that I got from the talk is: What are the problems associated with slow response to technology change and are they caused by the different mental models in peoples’ minds?

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The significant statement was:

“The last mile problem is an opportunity.”

The rating for how interesting the talk was is nine out of ten. The rating for how inspiring the talk was is also nine out of ten.


            As a child, there was a lot to learn through observation and through the basic five senses. Looking at bridges growing out of the water like trees and planes flying with the birds, it was clear that creativity fascinated me. While growing up, my friends called me a dreamer due to my wild imagination. At the age of seven, I designed and made an irrigation system for the flower garden at home. Consequently, I appreciate that this is untapped potential for immense creativity, and being creative is something that I always enjoyed and do to date.

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            When I was young, I remember watching mother as she walked up to a blind person and helped him (or her) to walk across the road. Other similar fond memories include helping old women with their groceries, giving old clothes to orphanages, and buying a homeless person food. Naturally, I have picked those traits from childhood. The ability to have compassion and a caring heart for people with whom I interact came naturally. This is the urge to be empathetic towards others.

What to Do to Become a Creator

            In order to be creative, it is vital to develop a concept of design. In the process, ensure that knowledge about all requirements for a project to begin is at the fingertips. It is also advisable to get new ideas and designs from exchange of ideas with friends and colleagues and to attend forums about creative minds. In order to become a creator, it is necessary for one to keep abreast with the latest news about new products, services and concepts. Above all, I intend to determine the customers’ requirement before making a creation.

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What to Do to Become Empathetic

            The most valuable thing to learn is the skill of active listening. Someone then develops understanding about feelings of others by taking part in active listening. The next step is to look at issues through the other individual’s perspective. Then one will be having compassion for the others, be them his/her workmates, neighbors, or strangers.

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