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Levels of Energy

Running and flying are activities that involve consumption of energy to overcome friction, gravity, drag and inertia. Before flying and a marathon runner running the following the following variables are considered in regards to energy;

The distance over which to run or fly is important since it influences energy cost. The longer the distance to either fly or run the more the energy cost by the bird or the runner and the vice versa.

Flying or running also depends on the weight or size of the bird or animal. The muscle mass which is an aspect of size is important since movement uses power available in the muscles.

The speed at which to move is also important in energy consumption, high speed requires a lot of energy and also consumes a lot of energy.

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Also what to consider is the amount of fuel needed by the bird or the runner which is determined by the body metabolic rate.

In flying, the bird will need energy to lift which is equal to the body weight, the flying bird must support the weight of their body against gravity while flying. The bird must also overcome drag caused by the friction between the air molecules and the moving mass, all thi activities require energy.

In marathon running resistance from air molecules is a problem and also whether one is running uphill since running uphill requires more energy due to accumulation of potential energy and going down hill is easier due to loss of potential energy.

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