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Schedule for a Security Firm

A schedule is a plan for performing work or achieving an objective, specifying the order and allotted time for each part. It's also an ordered list of times at which things are planned to occur

To prepare security schedule for this security firm, its first important to recognize the critical area of that organization to which the firm is going consider while assigning the guards.  The following steps will have to be followed. First, there is need to gather the essential information concerning the place of coverage. The security threats to this area should be put in consideration in order to make a better schedule. Make the schedule send the copy to the guards and obtain a copy of the schedule. Finally, make sure the schedule is adhered to will complete the schedule.

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Compile the Information Needed

The first step to preparing the schedule is to gather the information needed to understand the area of coverage and the identity of the guards. It's very critical to know and understand the area of coverage in details it's an essential tool, it enables know the areas of weaknesses. This means that the following is required in the schedule:

The full names of the five guards, there identification number, a detailed description of every area of coverage, the time one should be reporting, and the time one should leave. The days' they are supposed to report and those they are supposed to be on leave.

We are going to use letters a, b, c, d, e, as the names of the guards for example.

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Once the required information is collected then the next step will by assigning the guards who are going to work starting with those going to work on day shift.

Part one of the day shift, three guards are going to be assigned on these shift.  Beginning on Monday, the guards on this shift are supposed to arrive in the morning. Immediately they arrive on duty at eight, first they are required to make an indication on the time of arrival. Guards A and B are going to be at different locations at the area of coverage. Give a description of each duty each of the two guards. For example, thorough inspection of the place and the property to be guarded as described in the contract. They should make sure every thing is all right and are supposed to report to the manager every detail in there area of jurisdiction to guard c.

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Then guard c, is going to patrol around the area to carry out inspection of other areas to ensure that security is maintained. He is also going to avail any incidence or in formation to the managers office. This should be done at ten in the morning Monday, when he is satisfied that everything is fine, he is then supposed to leave at 1000hrs so that he can be on duty in the evening for the night patrol. This means he going to be alternating between day and night, having temporary rest during the day. The other two guards are to maintain the security until five when they are going to replace with the guards d, e and c. During the morning hours they are supposed to maintain there positions and be able to inform the manager of any incidence concerning security. On arrival in the evening the guards' e and d are going to take the position of the leaving guard c, is going to be on patrol throughout the night reporting anything to the manager.

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