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Terrorism over the years is a crime that has been in the verge of increase. Terrorists use variety of weapons among them the chemical weapons that contain toxic substances that can kill, injure or incapacitate someone. Chauhan (2004) affirms that that there are four major categories under which the chemical agents may be classified; these include the blister agents, the choking agents, the blood agents, and the nerve agents. In deciding on the choice of a particular weapon, terrorist often consider a number of factors. Some of these factors include the availability of weapons, suitability of the weapons for a given task or target group and the potential terror level of the weapon.

For many terrorist organizations, chemical weapons are regarded and hence considered an ideal choice for a mode of attack because they are relatively accessible, and easy to transport severity, ability to be transported easily and their possibility of the weapons being undetected on transit to the target area. The severity of chemical weapons is one of the factors that fuel the use of chemical weapon by terrorists. The active components of chemical weaponry are considered to be chemical agents that cause high levels of damage to the natural environment as well as the target group. Despite this chemical weapon attack is considered as a poor choice of attack .This is because chemical weapons are lethal and the terrorists put their lives in danger as some of the get hurt while others are killed during the attack. It's difficult to dispense the chemical agents without causing harm to themselves. (Coppola 2006).

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Secondly there is increased effort in retaliation from anti-terrorist forces. And this poses a threat to the lives of the terrorists. It's difficult to either manufacture or purchase some of the chemical weapons because of the laws of the country and this poses as a barrier to the terrorist.

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