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Volleyball is a team sport commonly featuring in the Olympics. The game involves at least two teams with six players a piece separated by a net. For every participating team, the goal is to try and score points and outdoing the rest. Scoring is done by see to it that the ball is grounded on the other team's court. On the other hand, many rules have to apply in the entire play for decisions to be made on who scores and how many points they gain. This article focuses on the history of volleyball with a detailed look of what effect its origin might have on the etiquette of the game.

Over ten decades ago, early in 1895, volleyball came to being a sport. William G. Morgan is the man believed to be behind the game after his first step in developing the first game of Volleyball. In the initial stages of its invention, the game was dubbed "Mintonette" by Morgan. Morgan created the "Mintonette" as a game for business men that would involve less physical contact. It was a game to be played at the chapter of the YMCA where Morgan was working by then in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The invention borrowed an assortment of aspects from a number of games to come up with this brilliant game with ideas borrowed from tennis, where Morgan borrowed the idea of the net. Instead of using a standard net, Morgan decided to raise it to be 6 foot 6 inches high. In this case, the net was over the heads of an average man which was quite different from the tennis. Other sports where Morgan borrowed ideas from include baseball, handball and basketball.

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The name Volley Ball did not come up until a moment during a demonstration, when a spectator commented on the same saying that it was more about volleying, when playing the game, which is where the name was invented and changed from "Mintonette" to Volleyball. The offensive style of paying Volley ball including the setting and spiking was demonstrated first in 1916 in Philippines. Over the following years, it clear that rules were needed if the game was to start being played at the competition level and for tournament play. Therefore, a volleyball association by the name USVBA was formed in late 1928 to look into the matter, and two years later, rules had been formulated the first 2-man volleyball game was witnessed with the professional side of the sport emerging later. The game has become popular since then and ranks second after football in terms of popularity across the globe.

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With a look into its history, volleyball was an innovation by Morgan who was motivated by Naismith's game (basketball) that was being played by the younger students. The invention was to come up with a suitable game for the older YMCA members. Drawing from this point, the etiquette of the game was more mature as the game would involve mature people. Even with the formulation of the rules, obviously it would be having more etiquette. This is so, bearing in mind that it would involve reasoning people at their older age.

Looking into formal volleyball etiquette, it all starts at practice where the people are taught exemplary sportsmanship as well as respect for fellow players and officials. Having originated as a fun game and a way of leisure, the game undoubtedly developed high levels of etiquette as it would draw on fairness and respect for one another for all YMCA members and this ha been passed on in its spreading and advancement to being a competitive sport.

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