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Group Behavior and Processes

To address such problems as drugs, prostitution, and vandalism, it is highly important to collect and address relevant information. It should be systematized, and the appropriate implications should be formulated. It is possible to assess several alternatives and select the one that generates the highest positive social outcomes with the minimal risks. The present paper aims at examining this problem in detail with the corresponding formulation of relevant implications.

Several crucial aspects should be considered while dealing with such problems as drugs, prostitution, and vandalism. Firstly, it is necessary to specify the general dynamics of these crimes at national, regional, and local levels (Shdaimah, Kaufman, Bright, & Flower, 2014). In this way, it is possible to comprehend the existing trends and the degree of social threats. Secondly, it is reasonable to examine the structure of offenders. For example, the average age of criminals, their residence, the presence of recidivism, and other relevant factors may be crucial (Baker, Metcalfe, & Jennings, 2013). Thirdly, the broader social and community context should be evaluated. In particular, it is highly important to understand whether the community, in general, disapproves the spreading of these crimes and can assist law enforcement agencies in providing timely and effective responses.

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Different types of responses should be considered in this context, as various social contexts require proportional measures. One of the potential alternatives is implementing the SARA model. It refers to providing scanning, analysis, response, and assessment at the community level. The problems related to drugs, prostitution, and vandalism should be first identified and analyzed. The responses selected should allow providing effective interventions, contributing to the desired results in the end (Baker et al., 2013). Finally, the assessment stage enables making necessary adjustments according to the obtained results and strategic goals.

Another potential strategy may refer to cooperating with the local community. It is possible to clarify the most urgent unsatisfied community needs and demonstrate how diminishing existing crime rates may contribute to the sustainable improvement in various spheres. In this way, community members may become more open to cooperating with officers and provide required information (Shdaimah et al., 2014). Correspondingly, the scope of the problem at the local level may be minimized. It is especially applicable to the issue of vandalism because timely information provided by community members may allow identifying criminals.

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In relation to drugs and prostitution, the underlying economic motives and the entire network should be revealed. As the regular provision of these criminal services requires the close collaboration of different individuals, it is necessary to determine the criminal planning center. The optimal response strategy should presuppose neutralizing the entire network as only radical measures might lead to the long-term positive results. Correspondingly, if only some local implications are addressed, the criminal leaders will find other ways to reach their goals.

To control actual results generated as a result of the provided interventions, it is necessary to provide the following assessments. First, it is reasonable to assess the changes in the crime rates observed after the initiated interventions. If the positive dynamics exists and the crime rates tend to decline, then the general strategy is correct. Otherwise, it is necessary to shift to other methods available. Second, the changes in the structure of offenders should be assessed. Even if the general positive dynamics is sustainable, it is possible that the positive outcomes are distributed unequally among various population groups (Baker et al., 2013). For example, the younger generation may not demonstrate the sustainable improvement in their behavior while the program may be effective in relation to other groups. In this case, special measures for young people should be designed.

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Moreover, it is possible to assess the hidden and empirical relationships between crimes. For example, the declining drug use may also allow diminishing the spreading of prostitution. However, in some cases, the improvement in one sphere may lead to the emergence of additional problems in another one (Baker et al., 2013). For example, the decline of drug use in a specific area may hypothetically contribute to the spreading of vandalism. If it occurs, the criminal justice agencies should introduce new intervention strategies to reach the sustainable improvement.

In general, it is reasonable to combine the above types of assessment to arrive at the most objective conclusions concerning the current results and potential threats in this field. Although all assessments may have their disadvantages, their effective combined use will allow determining the optimal strategy for criminal justice agencies. Moreover, the developed plans should be revised on a regular basis to demonstrate the highest effectiveness under the constantly changing social conditions.

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To summarize, different types of information should be collected and examined while dealing with such problems as drugs, prostitution, and vandalism. On the one hand, the existing rates of their spreading should be considered. On the other hand, the current structure of offenders should be analyzed. If criminal justice agencies reveal the entire criminal network, their interventions may generate the highest results. The needed assessments should include the changes in the dynamics of crime rates and the structure of offenders, as well as the potential hidden empirical relationships between different types of crimes. These relationships may be different in various regions and under different external conditions. If all mentioned assessments are used correctly, they may lead to the rationally used interventions.

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