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What Can Be Done to Stop Distracted Driving?


Distracted driving is becoming the leading factor of the road accidents in the United States as well as around the world. According to the report issued by National Highway Traffic Safety (NHTS), the most typical distractor that tends to divert the driver’s attention is the usage of a cell phone while on the road (Fisher 2). This fact has led to a heated debate on how the law enforcement officers can effectively reduce the distracted driving. Specifically, this can be achieved by examining possible solutions to deal with the issue and regulating how drivers use their cell phones. Despite the fact that several measures had been put in place to combat the problem, they have not been effective in improving the situation. Thus, the paper seeks to examine the effective measures that can be adopted to stop distracted driving and its consequences.

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One of the solutions that is considered efficient in reducing the use of cell phones behind the wheel is the driverless cars component (Villasenor 1). A driverless car component is a lawfully wireless network capable of providing cell records to officers after an accident. This component works in such a way that the wireless network companies provide details of the cell phone activities of the affected driver when requested by the law enforcement bodies. This solution also acts as a preventive mechanism that seeks to instill accountability to drivers. Additionally, the approach will become even more effective with the support of the suggested bill called “Textalyzer” in the New York legislature (Villasenor 2). Upon its implementation, the bill will not only allow the search of activities on the cell phones, but also on other gadgets such as laptops, computers, and tablets. “If an accident were to occur at that moment, evidence from a Textalyzer would be used to “prove” that the driver had been texting, even though nothing of the sort had occurred.” (Villasenor 2).

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Another solution is the adoption of sensitization campaigns to change the behaviors of drivers by insisting that they ignore their phones while driving as well as turn off all notifications that could trigger distraction (Doody 1). Relatedly, this can be achieved by introducing a law requiring that the drivers turn off their gadget as a sign of self-discipline while driving (Doody 2). According to the researchers from Florida University, turning off the phones or the notifications is vital as human’s performance can be highly impaired even by a minimal diversion such as notification of incoming messages. Therefore, the solution should focus on how to eliminate all sorts of distracting activities brought by cell phone and other electronic gadgets while driving.

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Similarly, this problem can be solved by enacting laws against texting and introducing programs that could change the attitude of drivers. Particularly, the proposed enforcement seeks to urge the state and federal governments to enact graduated licensing initiative and distracted driving laws that will help new drivers to keep the roads’ rules and regulations. The laws are also useful in enlightening the public on the dangers of activities that could lead to destructed driving (Fisher 1). Additionaly, the law enforcement authority should introduce hefty penalties for breaking these laws. This will serve as a lesson to other drivers; therefore, they will attempt to act with utmost care while driving. Concerning attitudes, the campaign against distracted driving will help to change attitudes regarding peoples’ habits connected with the phones (Doody 2). The society ought to control their addiction to using cell phones, especially when driving.

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Lastly, if the attempt to stop drivers from distracting cell phone activities proves difficult, technical and safer alternative technologies can allow drivers communicate while being behind the wheel with minimal distraction (Fisher 2). For instance, auto manufacturers have recently considered the integration of infotainment system such as inbuilt smartphones in vehicles. The systems mostly rely on voice controls, buttons on steering wheels, and big flawless screens that assist to avoid handheld smartphone activities. Thus, drivers will have less or no diversion when using vehicles with such features.


As much as the destructed driving cases have recorded an increasing rate in the 21st century, still there are practical solutions that can be implemented to solve the problem. As cell phones are the highest contributor of these distractions, the solution ought to concentrate on alternatives that could mitigate or reduce the excessive use of the gadgets while driving. Particularly, the use of alternative mode of communication for drivers whereby cell phones are replaced with inbuilt technologies in vehicles, appears to be the most appropriate solution since people have become addicted to their communication gadgets. Concisely, if the above-discussed solutions are implemented and adhered to with the aid of laws and regulations, the distracted driving phenomenon, and consequently the number of road accidents, would reduce tremendously.

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