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Anzia Yezierska, Bread Givers

Sara is so much in need to be an American and embrace their culture so that she could disintegrate herself from her conservative father and her rules considering that he had turned down her sister's proposals to marry the men of their dreams and chose for them other suitors. However, Sara was aware that there were many challenges that lay in front of her in her pursuit to adapt the American way of life. Nevertheless, she was determined and much focused to gain the liberation she needed so bad and stay away from her authoritative father. Sara was much learned and up to date as compared to her sisters. As a result, she knew what she needed to do so as to liberate herself from the bondage of traditions and the commands of her father.

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Reb struggles to familiarize himself with the American business to no avail. Sara on the other hand is good in business and despite her advice to her father on how to maintain the success of the business; he won't listen to anything from her daughter. Sara has the quest for the American ideals independence and will not stop at anything until she meets her set goals.

One of the factors that help Sara in achieving her dreams of emulating the Americana culture and way of life is her flexibility. Sara can comfortably change her careers form one to the other and still adapt to the new one. Initially, she was assisting her farther in his store in New York. However, after some time, she adjusts and takes teaching abandoning the store keeping work. Sara also had a mixed experience of both the Jewish and American culture Therefore Sara knew both the ways of the Jewish and part of the American life. As a result, she was able to adapt to the American lifestyle when she went to study there. While Sara is in college, she interacts solely with the Americans and from them; she gains much interest and experience in the American culture (Foner, 20007).

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Sara realizes that she needs to forget about her family if at all she wanted to be successful in her education. Though a tough decision, Sara manages to adapt to the American culture. She emulates their dressing code, the acts as well as how they speak. Eventually, Sara is able to realize her dream of adapting to the American culture through patience and the interest she has to be fully modernized.

Sara knew that to become an American had many merits both in her life and that of her family. One of the most evident merit of becoming an American is that Sara was able attain financial independence. Through her wealth that she apparently achieved in the course of her study and working period, she is able to aid her sick father and watch over him form her hose that she had already acquired together with her husband. Therefore, she gained back the affection and trust form her artier conservative father due to her wealth and his ability to provide medical care for her ill father.

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Sara also knows that by becoming an American, she will be literate and will be in a position to make his own decisions without being commanded by her father to do something. She was also aware that by becoming an American, she would adapt the American cultures and therefore, issues whereby the traditions allow her father to choose her suitor will no apply as it was the case with her sisters. Sara was therefore aware that, with the American education that she would have gained, she will be able to defend her stand on issues regarding marriage and choose a suitor of her choice regardless of her father's rebellion against her stand.

Sara assesses the outcomes of becoming an a American in various ways. One of the most significant ways that Sara assesses the outcomes of becoming an American is when she protects her father form the wicked step-mother who was married after Sara's mother died. At this particular time, the step-mother had no authority over Sara since she was already mature and independent. Consequently, Sara had the freedom to take care of her ill father. Initially, Sara's father was rebellious and would not listen to any advice given to him by either his wife or his daughters. However, with Sara becoming an American and acquiring the learning she once yearned for, she is now in a position to convince her father that she was responsible and would take proper care of him under her custody. Reb tries to be rebellious at first but he has little or no alternative as his current wife does not provide any care yet all his daughters are in unstable marriages that he forced them to (Yezierska, 2009).

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The family's religious structure is challenged by America's secular currents in diverse ways. Initially, Reb is authoritative and acts as the supreme authority in the family. The other family members have no say regarding the decisions that Reb makes. As a result, Sara's sisters are married by men who they did not choose while those that they chose are turned down by their father. However, in regard to the American culture, the traditions of the father choosing a suitor for her daughter do not apply. Therefore Sara, who was more on the American culture would not allow his father to choose her a suitor for marriage but went ahead and chose one who she preferred most.

Traditionally, the men were supposed to be the bread winners of their families. They were therefore responsible of providing all the basic needs while the women assisted in simple hose hold chores However, with modernization and Sara becoming an American, she acquired all the knowledge she wanted and became employed. She was therefore in a better position to provide for his father while he was sick. In the past, a role that was initially viewed as of being a men's task, Sara took it upon herself in guarding her father's health. Reb too had no option but had top embrace this dynamic change in traditions for the sake of her health.

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