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Drama as a genre of art has developed. It has been able to relate to current issues that people face and portray some of the solutions that people opt to go for hence has given knowledge to those who were stuck. This form of genre can either be creative, comical, and at times tragic. In the ancient times, drama was not well established since many people communicated by use of signs and symbols (Brockett, 2003). In the medieval period, it was recognized as a medium of communication and as such they tried to flourish it in some communities who used it as a form of storytelling method especially to the young ones. In our modern society, drama has been enriched by many artists who have taken it up as a career and extensively enhanced and developed it. Hence, therefore there are people who need drama in order to survive for reasons such as entertainment, income, expressing creativity among others. However, there are those dramas’s that are not fit for a child thus age is something that is still considered essential in all communities and countries which seeking entertainment from drama (Carlson, 1993).

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Humanities are those knowledge branches which include; philosophy, literature, languages, the arts, history, and religion that focuses on investigating human activities, their culture, role in the society and their mode of self-expression. A humanist is an individual versed in human nature knowledge thus him /her purposes to study the humans in terms of personality, behavior and changes. It is also the cerebral study of man/woman as a being of civilization (Walling, 1997). Generally humanity can be suggested to be the mindful of others before oneself. In the Middle Ages, when one spoke of humanities, not much thought was put to their contributions to humanistic studies and concern for their human core values with respect to certain philosophic interests in man. Today, humanities talks about life related issues with independency to a scholarly interest in history and literature (ancient). In order for people to lead a humanistic life, they must bear in mind and have certain values that will help in their development process such as honesty, love, care, patience, kindness among others. Humanities has showed me that I can learn form others without having to pay back which means that they want individuals to grow and help others in return.

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If asked to choose which civilization I would prefer to live in, I would want that of the Egyptians because they have a very powerful nation that has an interesting history written in our Holy Bible that is the Exodus (Allen, 2000). The Egyptians were industrious, social, and light hearted individuals who largely lived in organized societies. They viewed death as a passage to life after death; to them this meant that they were going to continue living even after leaving this world thus they used to construct tombs and temples. They also had and still do have spectacular architectural accomplishments like pyramids and obelisks. Theirs is distinctive in concept and character. They used a system of writing called hieroglyphics which promoted story creation, poems, and religious texts. They traded with other countries by using gold, silver, bronze, and even exotic animals through even by barter trade.

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Impressionism is an art movement that was established by a loose alliance of artists based in Paris. Their paintings were relatively small with noticeable brush strokes compared to others who normally used ordinary subjects, and visual angles which were unusual among others. Today, artists can work both outdoors and indoors and use the modern premixed paints in toothpaste tubes thus worked with spontaneity. Long ago, painters used to make their own paints by grinding and mixing dry pigments of powder combined with oil (linseed). They were stored in animal bladders.

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