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Religion in the Military Worldwide


Even at the present time, religion remains the way of connection with God and shelter for the soul, especially during wars and any other military actions. Religion affects the lives of professional soldiers who are always in a danger. As a result, they begin to perceive religion in another way than they did it before. The book Religion in the Military Worldwide consists of the short stories that concern religion in the armed forces. However, they are interrelated because all of them are devoted to the importance of religion for the military. The book reveals challenges and opportunities of religion in the military. Moreover, it shows religious practices, beliefs, and rituals of soldiers in Canada, Japan, and the United States. Besides, this book presents essays devoted to religious demographics in the armed forces of Israel and Pakistan.

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This book combines the themes of religion and the military in the context of constitutional challenges in Turkey and the USA. Besides, it reveals the interconnection and interdependence between the military and religion. From this book, it is evident that the differences in religion are not crucial when it comes to believing in God.

The authors of essays in Religion in the Military Worldwide reveal shaping of militaries, their performance, procedures and organization by religion and its values. All authors prove the importance of beliefs for every soldier who risks his life. There is nothing strange that the book in question can be related to the military today. As a result, the main aim of this essay is to show the actuality of the book Religion in the Military Worldwide for the today's military.

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The Actuality of the Book for the Today's Military

It is impossible to object to the actuality and importance of the book Religion in the Military Worldwide for the today's military. First, nowadays people become more religious because of violence and military interventions between countries. During military interventions, no matter what religion a soldier affiliates himself with, he always asks for saving and protection in his praying. A role of equal importance belongs to a chaplain who uses his powerful word, and his religious rituals can raise a patriotic and military spirit in soldiers. It is especially important before the battles and after them, when there are many dead and injured soldiers. No weapons, no force can be so powerful as beliefs, positive moral spirit, and religious rituals.

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Modern time is the time of international terrorism, political conflicts, and military interventions; that is why it is important to read Religion in the Military Worldwide in order to understand that religion with its values and rituals can be helpful. Moreover, this book offers religion as the way of overcoming panic, fear, and despair during military interventions. The book is relatable in the modern military especially when it comes to moral and psychological support of soldiers. Religion in the Military Worldwide can help military forces to survive and not to lose hope and sense of life.

The most important thing is that all authors of these essays reveal peculiarities of the interrelationship between the military and religion in different countries while comparing their religious practices and symbols. Besides, they underline the parallel between the attitudes of soldiers to religious values before military interventions and after them. It means that a war and military actions change a person, making him/her evaluate life and find values even when they are between life and death. Moreover, the authors insist that religion is the force that brings soldiers back to life morally and physically.

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The book Religion in the Military Worldwide is one of the best proofs of the integration of religion with politics, history, and military affairs. Moreover, revealing the peculiarities of professional soldiers and their differences in using weapons, the authors of the essays found the common similarity, and that is religion. What differs this book from others is that it is a combination of religious and military practices of the USA, Turkey, India, Israel, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan. The authors analyze many countries, and they have chosen them because of the presence of a variety of religions and the most skilled and powerful military organizations. It is necessary to mention that Religion in the Military Worldwide shows the differences in religious rituals and beliefs as opposed to military differences of the countries.

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I recommend this book to military leaders as it helps to understand the peculiarities of different military practices. Besides, many military leaders do not understand the importance of religion for soldiers. The book discussed in this paper will help military leaders bring back the morale and military spirit of soldiers who can be depressed and oppressed after fighting. This book is the way of overcoming panic, fear, and despair during military actions. The growing religious diversity created the necessity of interrelationship of military forces and religion. This book can help military leaders to understand the importance of the presence of a chaplain in the military camp. Moreover, it reveals the importance of training, education, experience, and values necessary for the moral development of a soldier.

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