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The Book Dracula by Bram Stoker

According to Browning et al, 5.Dracula is an amalgam of social fear and desires, and just when we think, we can predict his movements, his ex-pansion and contraction, or his thematic demise, Dracula's flexibility and porosity enable him to metamorphose repeatedly, in new and unforeseeable directions(browning etal 2010 ,5).

It was a journey to Transylvania to help him account with his real estate purchase in England. He soon realized that he has become Dracula's Prisoner. Different descriptions about Dracula have come up over years. Some say he can stay up awake the whole night, reports indicate that he cannot expose himself to direct sunlight. Dracula shift shapes into different types of Animals. Finally, Stoker compares Dracula's strength to that of twenty Men. Dracula entered people's houses only after a formal invitation. In his, story Mina who plays Jonathan Hacker's fiancée is an intelligent woman who works as a schoolmistress. Mina or Van Helsing is also a close friend to Lucy Westenra reported as victimized by Dracula. Stoker conceptualizes whether Mina should leave but she never the less let lose. At this point Mina changes into a vampire. Contrary to Lucy; Mina is a Victorian English woman with all traits distinctive of Lucy's.

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Mina portrayed as Victorian woman in England, fulfills the points every Victorian woman ought to have. She is a loving wife who helps her husband instead of going around and being more sexual like lucy.Her sexuality remains mysterious throughout the Dracula, narration. She expresses no sexual desires despite her marriage. Mina Harker is married to Jonathan who had escaped court Dracula's imprisonment ( Franz 2009,pp.9). Her physical beauty cannot match Lucy's so it makes it easier for men to reject her if she would become a vampire with the sexual desire of Lucy's magnitude.

This quality makes her less of a threat compared to Lucy, as she will reproduce less. This qualities Make mina survive in the narration. Lucy on the contrary is an innocent woman who is very attractive, likes being around men and feels free about her sexuality, this trait is contrary to the expectations of a Victorian woman. As opposed to Mina, Lucy is more of a threat to the public given here increasing sexual appetite. She keeps on moving from one man to the other to satisfy her unmet sexual desire thus becomes dangerous. Do to the men's nature around beautiful women her freedom to roam freely is restricted.

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Doctor Van Helsing shows us what the Victorian woman ideal womanhood should be like. "She is one of God's women, fashioned by his own hand to show us men and other women that there is heaven where we can enter, and that its light can be here on earth. So true, so sweet ,so noble ,so little an egoist-and that ,let me tell you ,is much in the age ,so skeptical and selfish"(Chapter 14).Doctor Van Helsing praises Mina's innocence and purity, he further explains how hard it is for one to becomes as Mina . Many other women had failed in their attempts; no forgetting Lucy .Women had marginal right in the Victorian period, Class did not affect much on how a woman was treated is was uniform across class. Reports further indicate that the lower in class a woman was the more badly they were abuse. Despite other women having husbands and sons to protect them, not all of them were as lucky. So beautiful women marry for protection.

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The women's vulnerability evident when Court Dracula seduces Mina for an erotic reason though he is erotically connected to Mina Dracula .Through her Dracula hits at Jonathan .Mina a Victorian woman a mother figure and a symbol of emotional guidance. Becomes Dracula's target is Harker he uses Mina to get back at him. This he does by going for his wife. Dracula connects to Mina and Lucy for turning them into vampires and to Harker through Mina after raping her (Franz 2009, pp.9).

Mina's vampire traits in Dracula resemble the vampire traits of described sometimes after the 19th century. Before the 19th century, vampires thought of as ugly monstrous creatures that were born from the bodies of suicide victims or evil people. Like criminals, sorcerers or from someone who has committed as sin in his life. Any type of vampire could turn into vampires by simply biting them. During the 19th century, they started believing that the victims of the vampires did not have to change appearance completely just because he/she was bitten. In Mina and Lucy's case, they were beaten and yet maintained their physical beauty and a sain mind. The only difference now was their thirst for blood. It thus became dangerous as men fell victim to Lucy's beauty and hence did anything she asked.

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Mina is also portrayed as having developed sexual feeling with court Dracula that she never did with Jonathan. This ordeal later changes Jonathan's potion about Mina as different from Lucy and the other two-vampire women. Like the two Mina "could be seen as a devouring woman". This is also seen when she drinks blood from Dracula's breast, in the Victorian mind Mina cannot be sexual without also being diabolical".

Lucy's death in Dracula reflects on what might happen to Mina, if allowed to live. Because of the doctor's failure to notice that, a vampire bit her. This caused the men who were giving her blood to suffer. Among the men that had suffered was also her mother. Her mother died from heart complications caused, by the wolf that had come in their house. The wolf was most probably court Dracula, coming back to finish his meal. He had only come for Lucy but in the process scared her mother, who succumbed to a heart attack while trying to protect lucy.Basing on what happened to Lucy, Mina ought not to live. She would cause death on the people around her while trying to protect her from court Dracula. To salvage the situation Mina should die.

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The fate that befell Lucy is definitely bound to befall Mina too. Mina was on Dracula's sought list and more to that she was a vampire. She posed danger to people incase she failed to get an animal to quench her blood thirst. It is reported that Mina sucked on Dracula's breast, this exchange of blood make her even more dangerous. She thus should have been allowed a chance to live (Franz 2009, pp12). In conclusion, Mina a true Victorian woman was spared through out the Novel as she kept a clear mind that was later used by the 'Band of light' of light to defeat Court Dracula. Her feminine nature plays at the point when she feels pity on Dracula claiming that he could be redeemed.

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