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The Scarlet Letter


Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" is a fiction work about romantic aspect, which has historical settings and it was written in 1850. This book is taken to be the magnum opus of the author. The story is set in the 17th-century, in Puritan Boston, where it gives a highlight on the lifestyle of Hester Prynne. Hester's daughter, Prynne, conceives while going through an adulterous affair, and the story also shows how Prynne struggles to have changes through the creation of a new life, and she does so by upholding repentance and dignity in everything she opt to do. Legalism, sin, and guilt are the main themes that have been explored by Hawthorne throughout the book (Nathaniel, 1995).

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In the story, Pearl, is found to primarily function as a significant symbol, and this is seen in the case of sin, legalism, guilt, repentance, and dignity. Within the story, there are a wide range of events that notably takes place when Pearl is quite young. It is found out that she is only seven years old when Dimmesdale death is announced. Therefore, her real significance in the book is found in her ability to provoke the characters of adults, and she plays it well throughout the story. As young as she is, people are fascinated by the pointed questions that she is able to ask, and she is able to draw their full attention. She portrays a clear perception into the denied or overlooked truths of a mature and fast moving world. Therefore, "The Scarlet Letter" portrays children as more perceptive and significantly honest individuals more than their counter part adults, and in this case, Pearl is found to be the most perceptive of them all characters in the book (Nathaniel, 1995).

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Pearl creates an informative mood in the readers' mind, of being aware about her mother's scarlet letter and also the society that formed it and put everything into operation. The innocence and intuitiveness of Pearl brings other comments about the written letter brings crucial queries about its actual interpretation and meaning.

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