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The Great Gatsby

The narrator of the great Gatsby is a young and talented man who comes from Minnesota. His name is Nick. He is not only the narrator in the book, but also casts himself as the author of the book. In this chapter, he begins by talking about himself stating of how he learned from his great father about judging people. He further goes ahead by characterizing himself as tolerant and one who is guided by moral values. He further classifies himself as being the hero in the story of the great Gatsby.

Nick meets with his friends for dinner where they share a lot. When the diner was over Nick returns to his place and that's when he meets Gatsby, a young handsome man, for the first time. Nick uses the expression of a 'beautiful fool' to describe Gatsby as the latter posed rare smile which had a lot to tell eternally. Gatsby poses a challenge to Nick's customary ways of thinking about the world and that is when he struggles to come to terms with these challenges inflected in the novel.

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There are many advantages of stories that are told by someone than the main character. A person is more lively than a character when narrating a certain story. Some individual characters are more smatter than the main characters. This individual character can be referred to as the second person view. The second person view can be used to create an intimate flow between the main narrator and the reader. He may have a positive influence towards the reader by making him understand the plot and themes of a certain novel thus he is seen as a very vital character in it.

The valley of ashes symbolizes the absolute desolation and poverty in the area. It symbolizes the moral decay that is hidden amidst the beautiful facades of the Eggs. It is seen as a home of poor characters in the novel. The vacant faded eyes on the billboard in the novel represent those of God. They symbolize the extend to which the human has lost his connection with God. This is evident with the moral decay in the 1920's. Nick does not directly explain the symbol but leaves the reader to interpret it.

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