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The Disciple-Making Pastor

Bill hull's "the disciple-making pastor" is a novel that emphasizes on the qualities that a disciple must acquire. This novel is written in a coach point of view, whereby the pastor teaches the people on how to represent Christ to the fullest. Hull has written a couple of novels and article in magazines on true discipleship, but this is the novel of the century. It is a combination of various articles, and full of empowering and touching verses quoted from the bible. The style used in the novel makes it easy to communicate to different readers. This means it can comfortably be read by believers and non believers. One of the facts that makes this book unique is the through the critical issues mentioned in it. The flow of the words used are convincing such that they can transform a non believer to a true disciple of Christ.

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According to Bill, being a disciple is not just going to church or representing Christ; it is reading and practicing everything written in the bible. He quotes that since the death and resurrection of Christ, the number of Christian has massively decreased. Statistics tells that they have increased, but in bill's case, he is mentioning Christians who represent Christ to the fullest. Nowadays, it is hard to find a true believer who undoubtedly practices the words in the bible. It has gone to an extent whereby, even preachers are hypocrites. They even do not practice what is in the bible, leave alone what they preach to people. Bill explains that, this is one of the reasons that people are falling away from the word of God since the people preaching are misleading the public instead of directing the to the right way.

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As elaborated by bill hull, true discipleship is being a admirable role model spiritually. A true disciple should be a person that people in the society ca look up to for advice. This will make one gain the trust of people, and they will feel free speaking out their issues to the person. Bill says that people are aware of the values of a true disciple, but they go ahead to ignore them because they do not have anyone to refer to as a role model. It has reach to a point whereby people are ashamed of identifying themselves as Christians. People are thirsty of the word of God, but they can not get the best people to consult and relate with freely. For example, pastors have been caught committing adultery with members of the church. When a woman seeks for spiritual advice, they receive in sex return.

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Disciple-making pastor covers a broad range of issues, one of them being the challenges faced for dedicating oneself to Christ. As the projector said, "hard work pays". The same applies to discipleship, one must persevere the challenges experience so as to bear the fruits of true discipleship. Bill help disciples grow spiritually, by offering them a six-step coaching process of obedience and commitment to the holy words in the bible. The values to be acquired are honesty, self control, love, joy, faith, and obedience. Apart from this, one should be dedicated to the ministry so as to serve God to the fullest; one should also be brave and courageous in defending the word of God. The disciple should be disciplined in order to follow and practice the values needed from them. The society consists of different individuals with different personalities, and in order to direct them to the right direction, it requires a lot of self sacrifice.

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Bill says that people need to be influenced to the ministry by giving them the reasons to do so. For instance, they should hear confession of successful people who started at a humble background, but later became successful through their faith in God. According to bill, this is the best tool to comfort those who are in a desperate situation and they feel lonely. Researcher tells that when a person is in difficult times he or she seeks comfort from anywhere. This makes many lavish in drug abuse, prostitution, and even devil worshipping. Sometimes, committing suicide is considered an option, but when the word of God is introduced at the moment, one is reborn again and begins a new life. This does not mean that life becomes easier, in fact, it becomes tougher but through guidance, faith and help from above one is able to face difficulties in life.

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The entire book is all about changing the mindset of traditional believers as well as pastors who are the leaders in the ministry. Bill takes us through the processes of developing from a non believer to a true believer. For instance, he even says that he has seen many drunkards changing to Christians and goes ahead and fully dedicates their lives by becoming pastors or even fathers. Bill educates people on how to develop a healthy relationship with God, as well as people. This way, Christian would be able to comfortably serve Christ without the negative stigma that has been in the tradition society. Nevertheless, bill quotes that the bible is best guidance in facing life's experiences.

The book summarizes the steps to be taken in order to restore true discipleship in the society. However, bill believes that people are ready to serve God by continuing with Christ's mission, but they need empowerment so as to encourage them in fulfilling the mission.

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